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Winter Warmers

Be prepared before the cold weather hits hard.

We’re set to be hit with the coldest weather of the year and it’s bringing strong winds, rain and snow along with it! How prepared are you if the weather does bring along chaos?

We’ve been warned by The Met Office that we should be prepared for freezing temperatures (-2 and lower!) and that things will be becoming more unsettled, meaning we need to prepare for the freezing temperatures now.

Keep your meter topped up more than usual.

We understand that keeping to a strict budget is hard to do in this weather.  However, it has never been as important to ensure that your meter is topped up more than usual.

By ensuring you are kept topped up, you minimise the risk of freezing pipes, loss of food and lack of heating.

We have a variety of ways to ensure you stay topped up and out of the cold.  Click here for more information on ways to stay topped up.


One of the most important steps is having your boiler serviced.

It’s usually better to do this in the summer so you’re not so interrupted, however, we still recommend if you haven’t done this yet.  You probably should do it now.  Also, keeping the boiler pressure between 1-1.5 is a must.

Insulation is key

Almost of a quarter of your home’s heating escapes through the room so it’s worth investing in insulation for your roof.  When/if doing this, make sure to check for any cracked or lost tiles in the roof as heating will be freely leaving via things like this.

Protect your pipes

The best way to prevent your pipes from freezing is to insulate them using insulation tubing.  It’s also worth fixing any leaking taps and this could become a real issue in the winter.

Check windows and doors

Make sure you check your windows and doors to make sure they’re draft free. You want to keep the heat in and the cold out! It’s also worth checking outside for any low hanging trees and paths covered in snow/ice can be a big risk. Investing in rock salt, a snow shovel and by keeping branches away from the home as best as possible are all things that’ll keep you safe.

Check smoke alarms

Winter means more heaters on, which increases the likelihood of a fire. Make sure you’re safe and check your fire alarms work and that any vents are not trapped by snow.


For Emergencies, please click here