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Winter Heaters

Affordable Electric Heaters

It’s November, the leaves are falling, the days are shorter, the nights are getting colder.  It’s time when a lot of people start thinking about heating and what are the best ways to keep you warm at night.  Other than our usual heating methods, many people turn to mobile heating methods to give them the extra blast of heat that is so often required when you first come in from the cold outside.  These often come in the shape of electric heaters.

It’s a well-known fact that electric heating is more expensive that gas.  In the UK, the cost of electricity is usually around 10-15p/kWh and the cost of gas is approximately 3.5-p/kWh. Gas is known to be less efficient that electric, however these statistics would make gas around 3 times cheaper. That being said, there are still plenty of homes across the UK with no access to gas, and those who do often find that their central heating just can’t provide enough warmth for the chillier times.

And that is when we usually get started checking the internet for an electric heaters and DIY home insulating techniques.

Below are just a few electric heating solutions to show you how much it costs to get the quick blast of heat that you’re craving!

Fan Heaters

The ‘go-to’ heater – This heater is the kind that you usually find people are quick to pull out to warm their toes.  Found everywhere from the office to the home, these heaters are cheap to buy and probably the least efficient on the list.  They are great to warm the air quickly, but if you have a draught or as soon as you turn it off, the warm air will be gone, and you will soon be back to where you started.  What you might feel you gain in savings and immediate heat, you will only lose in efficiency.

If you’re thinking of getting this type of heater, or maybe you already do and are getting ready to bring it out.  Our advice: Make sure all windows and doors are closed and that all drafts are blocked.  This way, you’ll be able to hold the heat in the room a little longer when you turn it off and you’ll in turn, make some savings.


  • Heater Price: Approx. £15+
  • Running Cost: Around 28p p/hr for a 2kw heater 

Oil-filled heaters

Oil filled radiators work when electricity passes through it and the oil inside expands and gives off heat through the surface of the radiator.  Just like traditional radiators, the oil filled radiator will heat the room through the surface temperature.

Oil filled radiators will heat the room slowly and evenly in comparison to the quick blast of heat you may receive from the fan heaters.

To benefit from the heating, it is important, as with the fan heaters, that all draughts are blocked, and all windows and doors are kept closed.  This will allow you to reap the biggest benefits from the oil filled heaters.



  • Heater Price: £15+
  • Running Cost: Around 21p p/hr for a 1.5kw heater

Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters are known for the orange glow, mostly found in outside areas in pubs or restaurants.

The two previous heaters work by using convection heating whereas a halogen heater uses radiant heat.  This means that they don’t just heat the air, they heat everything – the walls, chairs etc – the equivalent of being warmed by the sun!

You won’t need to worry about any draughts, open windows or doors because halogen heaters don’t focus on just warming the air.  This is what makes them great for outside areas.  They use infrared rays in a focused direction, meaning that you don’t need to worry about heating the full room, this means that a lower wattage of heater is usually needed, ultimately saving you money.


  • Heater price: £30 upwards
  • Running Cost: Around 17p p/hr for a 1.2kw heater


So, what are your thoughts?  Are you going to be using any of these heaters over the winter period?