Why do we need renewable energy?

Renewable energy sources, especially wind power, can be extremely practical as alternatives to damaging carbon-intensive fuels.


Renewable and clean energy sources is something that the world is currently focused on. As fossil fuels are non-renewable, and resources are dwindling because of the high cost and massive environmental damage that is caused from the techniques used to retrieve them.

As a result, the need for cheap and obtainable resources has increased greatly. One efficient and more feasible option is wind energy.

Wind energy is a more practical type of energy due to its plentiful availability; it is derived directly from, as its name suggests, the wind. This is becoming something that is being used more often and you may have seen more and more turbines showing up around the more open areas of the UK.

It is still a common question that many people still wonder: if renewable energy is so beneficial, why don’t we use more of it? The answer to this question is that many of the renewable energy sources have been notably more expensive and more difficult to retrieve.  This is something that is starting to change, however, because of these long-term previous limitations, the consumption of fossil fuels had grown to an exorbitant rate.

Although, it is safe to say that there has been an increased effort to incorporate wind power, there is still far to go when it comes to making the national grid completely, 100% green energy. More and more energy companies are branding themselves as green energy suppliers, increasing the nations interest in Eco friendly tariffs and increase in information that is readily available.

Renewable Energy produces more than 20% of the UK’s electricity, and EU targets means that this is likely to increase to 30% by 2020. From 2020, renewable energy will continue to be an important part of the strategy to reduce carbon emissions. To achieve this, a range of technologies will need to be used, such as onshore and offshore wind farms, biomass power stations or hydro power systems.

The UK is well placed to take advantage of wind power, with some of the best conditions in Europe and high average wind speeds. Both onshore and offshore wind farms are an important part of where the UK sources its energy. The UK has invested significantly in offshore wind and has installed as much capacity as the rest of the world combined.

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