Where does the green energy come from?

Want to know where your Green Energy has come from?

There’s nothing better than getting home after a hard days work at this time of year and switching on your lights (even the ones on your tree!), putting the heating on and making yourself a big brew to sink into the sofa with.


Did you ever think how you were able to do all of this? Did you think about how it works or where the electricity you’ve used has come from?

We do.

At Nabuh Energy, we’re here to give you a clear picture. In this blog, we will look at the energy we buy, how it’s sourced and how we get it to you.

How does energy get to you?

Energy is produced all over the UK and Europe at various power generation plants, (this includes non-renewable sites such as coal power stations and renewables ones like solar farms). The energy produced by these plants is then fed into the National Grid, to which is responsible for transmitting energy up and down the country. Electricity travels through power cables at high voltage and passes through several transformers before reaching your home at a much lower (much less dangerous) voltage. In regards to gas, this also passes through an underground series of pipelines, which is also owned and run by the National Grid.

Look at our quick breakdown to see how energy is transmitted to you:

Where does Nabuh Energy fit in with all this?

Everyone’s energy comes from the National Grid, not directly from us. The grid is like a big pot; suppliers like us, buy and put energy into the pot to which our customers then take the energy out of the pot when they use it. As your supplier, we make sure we purchase enough electricity to feed into the national grid to cover the amount our members take out.

Being the company that likes to talk, we asked our customers what was important to them and they told us they wanted to go green.  Providing green gas is a little harder as almost all the UK's gas is natural gas from the North Sea and other non-renewable sources.  We have this on the top of our list so make sure you keep an eye out for updates on this goal.

So, whilst we don’t control each iota of gas and electricity that you use, we do make sure that every penny you pay for your electricity purchases 100% green electricity!