Vampire Appliances and Your Home

What are vampire appliances?

Vampire appliances are not in fact appliances that vampires use as the name would suggest. We don’t mean a fridge filled with treats for Dracula or a charger owned by a bat. Vampire appliances are appliances that, even when they are on standby or not in use, drain your power.
Vampire appliances cost Brits an average of £68 per year, making up 6% of their energy bill.

vampire appliances2

Which appliances are energy vampires?

Well, there are your obvious ‘standby mode’ devices including game consoles, televisions, and PC monitors. For example, your TV is constantly using energy to perform internal data and connect to remote controls, making your TV readily available for you, and as handy as this is, it adds to your energy usage.

Then there are your less obvious energy vampires, these devices drain your energy by relying on power to keep them in real-time. These include; microwaves, smart home devices, speakers, white goods such as your washing machine and dishwasher and also kitchen appliances for example your kettle or coffee machine.

How do I defeat an energy vampire?

Unplug appliances and electronics especially mobile phone chargers and video game systems.

If your appliances such as your television, game console or phone charger are plugged into an extension cord, switching off this extension cord when it is not in use could lead to saving yourself money on your energy all year round.