In-Home Display vs. Smart Meter

A lot of the time people mistake their In-Home Display (IHD) for their smart meter and we understand it’s an easy mistake to make in today’s society with the link between a tablet like device and smart phones.
Here is our guide to knowing the difference and learning their functions.

Domestic Energy Smart Meter on a Kitchen Worktop Displaying Electric and Gas Carbon Emissions in Real Time
elec meter

First thing you need to know; your In-Home Display needs electric in order to power but your Smart Meter provides the power to your property. Usually you find your Smart Meter somewhere in a cupboard, sometimes on the exterior of your property or maybe tucked away under the stairs in your basement whilst your IHD is likely sitting pretty in your living room or in the kitchen on the side!

Check your credit

Both allow you to check your credit! To check the credit remaining on your gas and electric meters via your smart meter simply go to your meter and press B. If you have the wonder that is your IHD, your credit will always show on your screen.

Activating your emergency

Activating the emergency on your IHD is quick and simple. The device will let you know when your meter is running low and inform you if and when you have emergency credit to use. A message will appear on your IHD to ask if you would like to activate the emergency, simply click okay on the touch screen and you are all set.

If you do not own an IHD then do not fear, you can still activate your emergency credit; simply go to your preferred meter press 7 and then A.

elec meter read2

How to take a meter read off your smart meter

So long as your meter has signal to it then your provider is able to see your meter read daily and on demand. If not, or if you’d like to have your meter read for your own record, you can access your meter read on your smart meter.

To check your meter read on your electric meter, press 9 and look out for ImpKWH.

To check the meter read on your gas meter, again press 9 and check for the Volume.

What to do if your credit does not hit your meter

Sometimes (like all technology – because no matter how smart we make them they’re not as bright as humans) your smart meter can be a little temperamental. This can be incredibly frustrating. There may be times when you have topped up and the credit has not hit your wondrous smart meter. Don’t worry, we have the answers!

If this top up was made at the store then you will have your receipt. On your receipt, there will be a code that can often come under different names depending on the store. Sometimes it is referred to as a transaction code, a vend code or a UTRN code. Go to the desired meter and press A on the screen. It will read VEND code. Simply input the code and press B, the meter will then read ‘accepted’.

Now we understand that most Smart Meter users top up via our app or the website. If you top up and the credit does not hit your meter and you require your vend code give our team a call on 0330 0414 902 and they will be happy to assist you!

vend mode

What makes the Smart Meter so ‘smart’?

Think of your electric smart meter as the brain on the operation. This is the ‘smart’ function. It communicates with the gas meter via signal it also communicates with the IHD to display all the information you see on the IHD and communicates with your provider to display all that information to them as well.

Want to know more about how to use your smart meter?

Take a look at our SMETS1 smart meter guide for more detail on what the buttons do and how to top up.