What do different displays on my meter mean?

We know that it can be confusing and often scary when you have different codes showing on your meters. That is why we have compiled a full list of codes that could possibly be shown on your meter and the explanation of what these are.

Please only access your meter if it is safe to do so.

The large blue button lets you move through the meter’s different screens.

Electricity meter

There are usually two different types of displays on electricity prepayment meters. Some of them show a letter to identify which screen you’re looking at, while the others show a description of the screen to help you find the information you need.

If you continue to press the Blue button, the screen will change to show the following:

Display A – Current credit / debt
Display B – Test display only
Display C – Time & rate in use
Display D – Date & rate in use
Display E – Total credit accepted to your meter
Display F – Standing charge and debt collection
Display G – Total units used
Display H – Total units used on rate 1 (Normal on Economy 7 meters (E7)
Display I – Price per unit on rate 1 (Normal on E7 meter)
Display J – Total units used on rate 2 (Low on E7 meter)
Display K – Price per unit on rate 2
Display R – Your emergency credit (you’ll need to have inserted your key or card to see this).
Display S – Any debt you owe us (you’ll need to have inserted your key or card to see this).
Display T – Your debt charge per week (you’ll need to have inserted your key or card to see this).

What do the different displays on my gas prepayment meter mean?

0 Most recent amount of credit transferred to your meter
1 Last amount taken for debt
2 Last amount taken for emergency credit
3 Last amount given for Gas supply (screens “01 to 03” will total screen “00”)
4 Time
5 Tariff 0
6 Tariff 1
7 Tariff 2
8 Tariff 3
9 Tariff 4
10 Tariff 5
11 N1
12 N2 (number of KWH’s used each day)
13 N3
14 N4
15 N5
16 Calorific Value
17 Standing Charge – Charge made to gas customer for emergency services and so on
18 Weekly Budget Rate
19 Volumetric Rate
20 Billing Cycle – Period of time in days from one statement to the next
21 Emergency Credit Available – When credit drops to this level, you will be offered emergency credit
22 Emergency Credit – Current amount offered when you choose to use emergency credit
23 Gas Allocation Rate – Percentage of credit you are guaranteed to be able to use when you transfer credit to the meter and you have a debt to pay off

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