What are the advantages of a prepayment meter?

A prepayment meter can help you in managing your energy usage by allowing to pay for your energy in advance and make it easier for you to control how much you spend.

  • If you owe us money and are having difficulty in paying, a prepayment meter can help you repay this debt in fixed amounts over a set time-period once an agreement has been made between you and us to do this.
  • Prepayment meters are set with an emergency credit facility which will help you in remaining supplied with energy if you run out of credit and can’t immediately top up the level of credit on the meter. However, please note that any emergency credit used must be repaid when you next top up so please make sure that you only use it in an emergency.
  • You should be able to build up a level of credit during the summer months when your usage is lower that will help you pay for your higher level of usage during the winter months.