There is a debt on my meter, how do I remove it?

If you have incurred the debt you will need to top up an amount to cover the outstanding debt + an amount of credit suitable to support your weekly/monthly usage. For example, if the debt amount is £30.00 and you normally top up £10 per week, the total top-up would need to be £40 to extinguish the debt and ensure your meter has sufficient credit for that upcoming week.

Debt is typically accumulated as a result of unpaid standing charges. Regardless of whether you use any gas or electricity, your meter incurs a charge daily usually of around 25p per day. If you have not credited your meter for a while this daily charge will not have been paid, thus the build-up of debt.

If the debt on the meter is a historical debt from a previous tenant, you will need to call our customer services team on 03300 414 902, so that arrangements can be made to have that debt removed. You will need to provide our team with some proof of the date you moved into the property and also photographic evidence of the outstanding debt on the meter.