Q: I topped up my meter and my credit isn’t showing on my meter. What should i do?


Sometimes the credit for your smart meter may not hit your smart meter straight away. Please allow 60 minutes for your credit to appear and press the B button on your meter to ensure that the meter is not in Vend Mode. If your meter is in Vend Mode, it can delay your credit hitting your meter.

We appreciate this can be frustrating and have a few handy steps that can speed up the process of it showing on your meter.

We recommend that you always keep your top-up receipt from the shop. This receipt will have your UTRN/Vend code on it which will look something like this: 41951-13009-20081-87302

Ensure you correctly enter the code into your meter by pressing the A button (the blue button in the bottom left of the keypad). When you press the A button, the screen should say “VEND MODE”. You should then type in the vend code which shows on the receipt.

Continue by pressing B (the red button at the bottom right of the keypad). Your meter should then show “ACCEPTED”. If it says rejected it could be a case you have inputted the code in incorrectly and you should try again. ** Please do not try to enter your code repeatedly if your meter is showing “REJECTED” as this can lock your keypad for a period of time.

If your meter does keep rejecting please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 03300414902.

If you have topped up over the website or our mobile app and haven’t received a vend code you should contact our customer service team who can find your payment vend code or generate one for you.

Need more help on how to use your smart meter?

Take a look at our SMETS1 smart meter guide for more detail on what the buttons do and how to top up.