Q. Will I still be receiving my Avid Anniversary Credit?

Any customer who is entitled to Anniversary credit with Avid Energy prior to their transfer to Nabuh Energy will receive their credit, unfortunately, those who are eligible for anniversary credit after their transfer will not receive any extra credit.

Those on a monthly anniversary credit with Avid Energy will cease to receive it once they switchover, as the savings on their Nabuh Energy tariff will be greater than the credit they will have been receiving.

Q. Can I switch to another supplier?

Yes. Once your switch has been confirmed with us, you will be free to switch to another supplier without any exit fees. If you do try to switch before this confirmation, the switch will, unfortunately, fail as the energy industry doesn’t allow two switches to take place at the same time. It’s important to remember, the tariff you’ll be going on to with us is currently cheaper than the tariff you’ve been on with Avid Energy, so you’ll be getting a better deal.

Q. Will my credit balance remain the same?

If you currently have credit on your meter, this will remain the same after the switch over to us. If you don’t have a smart meter, and you are a prepayment customer, please ensure you use any credit you have on your meter before replacing your key.