You won’t be able to top up your smart meter from Tuesday 26th July 8pm to Wednesday 27th July 2am due to scheduled maintenance. Please ensure you have sufficient credit on your meter before this time.

Nabuh Energy – top up your meter

Smart prepay meters can be topped up online whenever you need. Top up online or use our app. Traditional meters still need to top up at Paypoints or Payzones.

How do I top up my smart meter?

The quickest way to top up your smart meter is through our app or online. It’s quick and secure.

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How do I top up my traditional pre-payment meter?

If you’ve got a traditional pre-payment meter, you’ll need to take your electricity key or gas card to a PayPoint or Payzone store to top them up. Keep the receipt from the top up, until the credit has been transferred to the meter.

How do I find a PayPoint near me?

PayPoint have over 27,000 locations throughout the UK. Find your nearest PayPoint.

How do I find a Payzone near me?

You can top-up at either a Payzone store or a Post Office branch. Find your nearest Payzone.

Need help with your meter?

Take a look at our smart meter guide if you need help with topping up and using your SMETS1 smart meter.

For any other questions, head over to our FAQs.