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We know you want answers to your questions.  Good job we love to talk and want to know that your queries are answered.

Below is a short list of some of the most frequently asked questions we get.  You can find more available on the FAQ page on our website

Will I lose all my credit when I switch?

Unfortunately, yes, any current credit you have will be wiped from the meter.  Your previous supplier will have taken a ‘snapshot’ of your meter just before it came over to us and they will know exactly how much needs to be reimbursed to you.  Dependant on who your supplier is will affect how you receive this money back and how long it may take.  We also try to advise everyone that wishes to transfer over to us that they top up small amounts so that they are not out of pocket and without energy at the time of their switch.

How do I get credit back if it’s lost during my switch to Nabuh?

As mentioned above, you will have to contact your previous supplier, explain that you have recently switched over to us and that the credit you did have on there has been wiped.  Ask them to then reimburse you as soon as possible.

 There is a debt on my meter, how do I remove it?

If you have run a debt onto the account, you will need to top up not only enough to pay the debt but also enough to cover your weekly/monthly usage.  For example, if the debt you have on the meter is £30 and you normally top up £10 a week.  You would have to top up £40 in this instance, enough to cover the debt and also your standard credit for the week.

Debt is usually run up due to unpaid standing charges.  Every Energy Company has them and they are there regardless of whether you use any gas or electricity.  Usually, this charge can be anything around 25p per day.  If you have not credited your meter for a while, this standing charge won’t have been paid and can understandably, build up.

If the debt on the meter is from the previous tenant, you will need to call our Customer Service team on 03300 414 902 so that they can arrange for the debt to be taken off.  In order for the debt to be removed, you will need to provide evidence of the date you moved into the property (Tenancy agreement etc) and also evidence of the outstanding debt on the meter (This is usually a photo of the meter).

I have switched over to Nabuh but haven’t received my key and/or card yet, how do I top up?

 We advise you to continue topping up using your current key and/or card until you receive your Nabuh key and/or card.  Once you receive your key and/or card from Nabuh, it is important that you ensure all credit is run down on the meter (due to the above).  Once the meter is at Zero credit, enter your Nabuh card into the meter to register it and then top up at your local pay zone or online and continue as you did before.

I have lost my card and/or key.  What do I do?

Call our Customer Service team on 03300 414 902 to request a replacement and we will get you a copy ASAP.

Our processing times usually take 3-5 working days to which our Gas cards are sent out via 1st class post to your registered home address on the day of request.  Electric keys are sent via 1st class post to your registered home address or you can pick up a new key from one of our local stockists within an hour of the request, simply ask your Customer Service Representative where your local stockist is in your area.  We understand that having your cards/keys processed and delivered to you can be frustrating, it’s to ensure that they are in full working order and linked to your account!  There are plenty of ways for you to top up whilst you wait for your new cards.  You can top up via our App which is available on both iOS and Android, simply search for ‘Nabuh Energy’ in the app stores.  You are also able to top up on our website via You can top up quickly via our dedicated top up line on 03300 082 138 or speak with one of customer service advisors on 0330 0414 902

There are many ways to talk to us.  Our customer service team is available via telephone on 0330 0414 902.  Our Live chat lines are available through our contact us page Monday-Sunday 10.00am-7pm and we also accept messages via email ( and via social media.  Please be aware that if your query is important, we do recommend that you contact us via telephone or live chat.