How we are handling Coronavirus

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As an energy company we understand it is crucial for our customers they are always able to stay topped up and on supply with ease. We recognise that due to the current circumstances some of our customers may need additional support and reassurance. We have put together frequently asked questions to help direct some of your queries.

Customers who have been financially impacted or those that are in vulnerable circumstances should rest assured that we are committed to ensuring that their energy supply remains uninterrupted. We will be keeping an eye on the government of health’s website for the latest updates.
If you do require any further advice, please contact our team on 0330 041 4902 or email us at

Following the guidance from the government we are hoping that all our customers are staying home and only going outside for essential reasons. We want to ensure that your supply is not an additional worry to you.

SMART Customers

SMART meter customers are able to top up via the Nabuh Energy app - this is available in all app stores, alternatively you can top up via the website on your browser at:

We advise that all SMART meter customers consider texting a close friend or relative with their gas and electric top up card numbers so they are able to top up at a store for you, you can find these numbers on your top up cards.

You can also call our automated top up line 0330 008 2138.

Traditional Prepayment Customers

Traditional prepayment customers if your meter is outside your property, leave your meter box unlocked so that someone else can top up on your behalf (if it is safe to do so).

We also suggest having a list close to hand of all friends and relatives within the area who can top up for you and if possible when topping up your meter, we advise that you try to top up more than what you normally would, where possible.

Direct Debit Customers

Direct debit customers have a constant supply of energy to the property this means that your supply will not go off. Please continue to supply us with your meter readings. This will help us ensure your monthly direct debit remains active and you will still receive bills as normal.

We would like to thank all our customers for their cooperation during this time.

Knowing how to use your In-Home Display vs. your Smart Meter

A lot of the time people mistake their In-Home Display (IHD) for their smart meter and we understand it’s an easy mistake to make in today’s society with the link between a tablet like device and smart phones.
Here is our guide to knowing the difference and learning their functions.

Domestic Energy Smart Meter on a Kitchen Worktop Displaying Electric and Gas Carbon Emissions in Real Time
elec meter

First thing you need to know; your In-Home Display needs electric in order to power but your Smart Meter provides the power to your property. Usually you find your Smart Meter somewhere in a cupboard, sometimes on the exterior of your property or maybe tucked away under the stairs in your basement whilst your IHD is likely sitting pretty in your living room or in the kitchen on the side!

Check your credit

Both allow you to check your credit! To check the credit remaining on your gas and electric meters via your smart meter simply go to your meter and press B. If you have the wonder that is your IHD, your credit will always show on your screen.

Activating your emergency

Activating the emergency on your IHD is quick and simple. The device will let you know when your meter is running low and inform you if and when you have emergency credit to use. A message will appear on your IHD to ask if you would like to activate the emergency, simply click okay on the touch screen and you are all set.

If you do not own an IHD then do not fear, you can still activate your emergency credit; simply go to your preferred meter press 7 and then A.

elec meter read2

How to take a meter read off your smart meter

So long as your meter has signal to it then your provider is able to see your meter read daily and on demand. If not, or if you’d like to have your meter read for your own record, you can access your meter read on your smart meter.

To check your meter read on your electric meter, press 9 and look out for ImpKWH.

To check the meter read on your gas meter, again press 9 and check for the Volume.

What to do if your credit does not hit your meter

Sometimes (like all technology – because no matter how smart we make them they’re not as bright as humans) your smart meter can be a little temperamental. This can be incredibly frustrating. There may be times when you have topped up and the credit has not hit your wondrous smart meter. Don’t worry, we have the answers!

If this top up was made at the store then you will have your receipt. On your receipt, there will be a code that can often come under different names depending on the store. Sometimes it is referred to as a transaction code, a vend code or a UTRN code. Go to the desired meter and press A on the screen. It will read VEND code. Simply input the code and press B, the meter will then read ‘accepted’.

Now we understand that most Smart Meter users top up via our app or the website. If you top up and the credit does not hit your meter and you require your vend code give our team a call on 0330 0414 902 and they will be happy to assist you!

vend mode

What makes the Smart Meter so ‘smart’?

Think of your electric smart meter as the brain on the operation. This is the ‘smart’ function. It communicates with the gas meter via signal it also communicates with the IHD to display all the information you see on the IHD and communicates with your provider to display all that information to them as well.

Prepayment Meters: The User Guide

User Guide

If you have any problems or questions, please contact our customer service team on 0330 0414 902

How to apply your credit to a prepayment meter

You can buy credit for a prepayment meter at any PayPoint outlet. You can search for outlets in your area by visiting or by contacting our customer service team.

You’ll be given a receipt when you buy credit at any PayPoint outlet.  We recommend that you keep all receipts as we may ask for copies of these if you ask us to help you with a query.

You must make sure that you use the prepayment key that we give you to buy credit. Not doing this or using another energy supplier’s prepayment key may result in you paying the wrong price for your energy.

If the prepayment meter is faulty

If you believe your prepayment meter is faulty, please contact our customer service team. We’ll send an engineer to the property within 4 hours of you telling us to find out whether we can repair it. If this isn’t possible, we’ll replace it.

If you tell us about this problem outside the hours of 9 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday or outside the hours of 9 am to 5 pm on a weekend or Bank Holiday, the 4-hour timescale will begin from the start of the next day.

If we don’t visit you within the timescales above, we’ll pay you £30 within 10 working days. If we don’t make this payment within 10 working days, we’ll pay you an extra £30 within a further 10 working days. Payments will be made as a credit to your account unless you and we agree otherwise.

If the prepayment meter has run out of credit

If your energy supply has self-disconnected because the prepayment meter has run out of credit, we’ll usually only respond to a request for a visit under exceptional circumstances. We may also at our discretion charge you for the costs we incur as a result of this visit. However, if we agree to do so, we’ll also agree on the level of the charge with you before the visit takes place.

Repaying debt through a Prepayment Meter

It is important that you give us all the available information about your personal circumstances when we agree to the regular payment amount.  All details regarding income, benefits etc will allow us to calculate an affordable repayment plan with you.  It is also important that you tell us if you can afford the regular payments that we suggest.

Once this has been agreed between you and us, we’ll give you a statement providing details of:

  • The date that the prepayment meter was installed at your home; and
  • The total debt amount that you and we have agreed you’ll repay through the prepayment meter; and
  • The regular repayment amount determined by us in accordance with your ability to pay and consideration of your individual circumstances and agreed to by you; and
  • The date on which the debt will be fully repaid if you keep to the repayment plan that we have agreed; and
  • The amount of emergency credit on your meter.

If you have difficulty repaying the debt

If your circumstances change or you can’t afford the agreed regular repayment amount, please contact our customer service team. We’ll always try to agree on a new debt repayment level with you and arrange for the prepayment meter to be adjusted to collect the new agreed regular repayment amount.

If you need impartial advice, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau on 0808 223 1133 or visit their website

The Citizens Advice Bureau can help you understand how much you can afford to pay and we’ll work together with them to agree on an acceptable regular repayment amount based on the advice that they give us.

Once the debt has been Repaid

Once the debt has been repaid, the prepayment meter will continue to allow you to pay for your energy in advance and you’ll only pay for the energy you use along with the daily standing charge. If your prepayment meter doesn’t automatically reset, please contact our customer service team. Once your meter has been reset, we’ll send you an updated statement.

What if our prices change?

If we change the prices of your tariff, we’ll update the tariff on your prepayment meter. If the change is a price rise, we’ll give you 30 calendar days’ advance notice of this. If you are not happy with the price rise and wish to switch to another Nabuh Energy Tariff or switch to another supplier, you can let us know by telling us (either by phone or in writing) before or on the date the price rise is due to take effect.

If you choose to switch to another supplier, you’ll need to arrange for your new supplier to take over your energy supply within 20 working days of the date on which you told us you wanted to switch. You can then leave Nabuh Energy without the price rise being applied to your account.

As a prepayment customer, if you’re repaying a debt to us of £500 or less and your new supplier agrees that you can repay the debt to it to them rather than to us, we won’t object to your switch. If you want to switch and your debt is more than £500 and we object, you have 30 working days from the date we tell you that we have objected to repay the debt above £500 to bring it to or below that level. Once you’ve done this you can complete the switch without the price rise being applied to your account.

If the change is a price reduction, this will take effect on the date that we tell you it will take effect.

Switching from a Prepayment Meter to a Credit Meter

If you’ve recently moved into a property where a prepayment meter is already installed, we’ll exchange this for a credit meter if you ask us to and if you meet our credit requirements. If you don’t, we may at our discretion ask you to pay a security deposit before we’ll agree to this.

If you’ve lived at your home for more than 6 months after we’ve installed a prepayment meter and the prepayment meter wasn’t installed to help you repay a debt to us, or if you’ve already repaid any outstanding debt to us, we’ll exchange this for a credit meter if you ask us to, provided that you meet our credit requirements. If you don’t, we may at our discretion ask you to pay a security deposit before we’ll agree to this.

We won’t exchange a prepayment meter for a credit meter if the prepayment meter was installed to help you repay a debt to us and that debt hasn’t yet been repaid unless we’re able to agree to repayment by another method which is acceptable to both you and us. Please note that we reserve the right to charge you for our associated costs if we agree to another repayment method and then need to reinstall the prepayment meter later due to you not making the agreed regular repayments.

Emergency Credit

Your prepayment meter features an emergency credit facility. This will provide you with a certain amount of extra credit once any other credit that you have bought for the meter has been used.

We recommend that this is only used as a last resort where you are temporarily unable to buy credit for whatever reason.

If you use all the emergency credit and don’t buy more credit, the prepayment meter will self-disconnect which means that you won’t be supplied with energy until you buy more credit. To reconnect your supply, you’ll need to buy enough credit to cover the amount of the emergency credit used plus at least £1.

Please note that the prepayment meter will continue to take payment for the standing charge and any outstanding debt which you’re currently repaying to us while it’s running on emergency credit.

Changing the location of the prepayment meter

If you have trouble getting to your prepayment meter, we can arrange for an engineer to move it to a different location for you so you can get to it more easily. If you need to have the meter moved a greater distance than we can help with, we’ll put you in touch with your local electricity network operator or gas network operator (as applicable) who will be able to help you with this.

If you are a pensioner, disabled or chronically ill or there is a child under 5 years old in your household we won’t charge you to move the prepayment meter.

If you aren’t eligible to have us do this free of charge, we’ll inform you of this and tell you how much this will cost. You can then decide whether or not you wish to go ahead with having the prepayment meter moved.

Access to the Prepayment Meter

It’s important that we’re able to access the prepayment meter when we need to. For example, we may need to get an exact meter reading, to complete a safety inspection of the meter or to reset or exchange the meter. If you don’t give us access to your home, then we may have to apply for a warrant to gain access. If we have to do this, then we may at our discretion charge you for our costs in relation to this.

Your statement of Account

We’ll send you a statement of account annually or when you ask us to send you one. This will give you details of your energy usage, what payments you’ve made and any debt which may be outstanding.

Energy efficiency advice

The more efficiently you use energy, the more you’ll be able to reduce your bills. We can help you with advice on how to do this.

Please see our policy document “Energy Saving Advice” on our website or call us on 0330 0414 902.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy can also give you independent advice. You can find their contact details at the bottom of this document.

Moving home or switching supplier

If you move out of your home or switch to another supplier, please don’t use the prepayment key that we’ve given you as this may not work correctly with any prepayment meter at the new property.

If you’re moving out of your home, please let us know by contacting our customer care team at least 2 working days before you move out and leave the prepayment key in your home when you go. If you don’t tell us that you’re moving, we may continue to charge you for any energy used at the property until the new occupier tells us that they’ve moved in.

If you switch to another supplier, please use the prepayment key that they will give you once the switch has completed.

If you’ve moved into a property with a prepayment meter installed that we already supply or if you have switched to Nabuh Energy and already have a prepayment meter installed at your home, please contact us immediately. Please also give us the meter reading on any prepayment meter on the date that you move in or become our customer as this will help us to give you accurate statements. If there’s no prepayment key at the property, please contact our customer care team and we’ll send you a new one.

Your final statement

If you switch to another supplier, we’ll send you a final statement based on the final meter read that you give us within 6 weeks of the switch being completed. You must pay any outstanding debt in full before we’ll agree to the switch unless it’s £500 or less and your new supplier has agreed that you can repay that debt to it rather than to us.

Submit your Meter readings online in a quick and secure way.

Visit to sign in to your account and view your details and current tariff.

Meter Readings

We ask for Meter readings to ensure that you are paying the correct amount for the energy you use.  We will ask for readings at various points of the year to ensure you are on a tariff that suits your energy usage needs.

We ask for you to provide us a Meter Reading when you first join us.  This is to ensure that you are paying for what you use rather than us having to estimate your usage – We do it all for your benefit!

If you are paying by Direct Debit, we will adjust the amount to cover what we feel you will use, we do this to ensure that you do not fall into debt with ourselves, providing your Meter Readings will ensure that your Direct Debit payments are relevant to the amount of energy you use, no more, no less

We recommend you provide us with a Meter Reading at least every couple of months, however, you are in total control and if you wish to provide one every month, then you can do that too!  Just don’t leave it too long, or you may find that your usage will be estimated, and you may be paying too much.  We will always try and get in touch with you when it is time to send in a Meter Reading though – which is why it is also very important to ensure that we have the correct contact information for you!

Of course, Smart Meters are a fantastic bit of kit that automatically send your Meter Readings to use and will stop us estimating your usage, However, not everything is always 100%, so we usually like to check.  It’s always important to know that when you switch to us, we may not be able to communicate with your Smart Meter, so you still may have to send your Meter Readings to us manually.  This is because some of the earlier Smart Meters are set to work only with the company that supplied them.  Smart Meters are also not able to be installed in all houses, sometimes, dependant on where the meters are in the house, it becomes difficult to have Smart Meters installed.

Never fear! We do know that some of this can be overwhelming.  We do have answers to your questions and would love to hear from you

Smart Meter Roll Out

We ARE planning on bringing you Smart Meters!  Plans are just running a little bit later than we would like them to.  It’s all for a good reason though, and let us explain why!


Smart meters are the way forward

Smart meters are moving in and fast.  They’re a great piece of kit that can send accurate data about your energy usage directly to us, so you don’t have to take meter readings yourself or get bogged down on estimated usage!

Smart meters allow for real-time information about what is using your energy and how much, this gives you a way to use less and slash your bills and usage.

All in all, we agree that Smart meters are a great idea.  The Government’s plan is for all energy suppliers to provide them to their customers by 2020, and we couldn’t agree more.  A mentioned, we will be providing them a little later than planned by here is why…


We want to install the most recent Smart Meters

Pretty much every Smart meter in the UK right now is the first generation (SMETs1) Meter.  They are fine and will still work the same, there is just one big problem: in most cases when you switch supplier, they stop being ‘smart’ and revert to ‘dumb’ status.  This means that you will have to take manual readings all over again.

This is why we have decided to wait.  To allow our customers to have the newest and most recent technology on the market.  We will be investing in SMETs2 meters (the second generation) which will allow each customer to switch easily, without having your meter go ‘dumb’.  We know that this is the best and right decision, even if the process is taking longer than originally planned.

As mentioned, we had originally planned to be installing these meters closer to the end of this year.  but industry-wide delays means it just hasn’t been possible.  These delays have affected every supplier that wanted to install SMETs2 meters .  However, all is not lost as there has been a lot of progress lately and we are now able to test our smart meters and all of our smart set-up.  We are hoping to start installing SMETs2 meters as soon as they have passed standards that we believe are a requirement for all of our customers.

At the end of the day, we want our customers to have the power in their hands.  That’s why all of our tariff’s come with NO contract and Fixed prices, allowing our customers to have the freedom to make whichever decision they want. We don’t like negative energy and will never hold it against you!