Saving money with your Economy 7 meter this winter

You probably know this already but your Economy 7 meter means your night rate is cheaper than your day rate. This is mainly intended for people with storage heaters because storage heaters draw the electricity in the evening or night time and then release their heat in the day when it is needed – very handy if you do have storage heaters this winter!

It’s Christmas and the children are off school. They’ve sat around for hours using their iPads and phones, you’ve had an office day from home using your laptop and now all your devices need charging. In order to be energy efficient with your Economy 7 meter, charge as many gadgets as possible during the night time!

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Washing Machine

If you really must use the tumble dryer then you’re going to want to use it during the cheaper hours, fire brigades advise not to set tumble dryers to come on while you’re getting your beauty sleep so why not set it to come on at around 5 or 6am when you’re due to wake up?

Similarly to your tumble dryer, run your larger appliances overnight. It is safe to put the washing machine and dishwasher on overnight while you’re sleeping, so why not set it on a timer for the cycle to run overnight?

How to save money on energy this winter

Mince pies, rum truffles, pigs in blankets and mulled wine, a list of all our favourite things to spend money on over the Christmas period - but did you see gas and electric on the list?

No, neither did we!

It’s not new to think that this is the season to crank up the heating and put on all the Christmas lights in the household.  To help increase the seasons cheer we’ve compiled a list of useful tips to help you save money on your gas and electric usage this winter!

Turning the heating down by 1 degree is a well-known way to save money on your energy bills – but this is not the only way!

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Our top 6 saving tips!

Picture this: it’s cold outside and you’re in the living room watching a movie, playing games or just spending some quality family time. Why are all the radiators on in every room in the house that you’re not even using? Turning the radiators off in the rooms that are not being used and popping them back on when necessary can save gas and money!

house in winter - heating system concept and cold snowy weather with model of a house wearing a knitted cap

Feel free to pop the heating on; just don’t waste it. Stop any draughts you may have in the property by filling holes and purchasing a couple of draught excluders (you could even make your own if you’re crafty!) Simply shutting all internal doors in the property and warming the rooms up could save you up to £50 a year!

Bleed your radiators. Sometimes air can be trapped inside your radiators which can stop them working efficiently. When this happens, it can stop the hot water from circulating properly in the radiators – which means you’re losing heat!

If you do not know how to bleed your radiators, ask a friend or family member to help you out. It's Christmas after all, the season of giving, they can’t say no to you…

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Decor Energy Saving Tip

Your Christmas lights look lovely – but unfortunately, they burn your electricity. Investing in LED Christmas lights to minimise your energy usage. Look out for the energy star certified lights for the most energy efficient holiday lights.

Finally, why not kill two birds with one stone? Rather than putting the washing in the tumble dryer why not pop the radiators on, warm the house up and pop the washing on the radiators – don’t forget to shut those doors!

Avoid the price rise

The new price cap has caused some concern for millions of energy customers, with many being stuck on Standard Variable rates which are often £300+ more expensive than some of the cheapest deals available on the market. 


It’s been highlighted in the news and many switching websites recently that people could see their energy bills rise by over £100 in the next couple of months.  With the standard variable tariffs expecting to be an average of £1,254 per year and prepayment meters being an average of £1,242 per year as OFGEM increase the price cap by an extra £117 per year.


Luckily, there is a way to avoid these huge price rises.  Simply, switch.  There really is no reason to be paying more than you need to and with Nabuh Energy, you will be seeing the savings as soon as you switch.


Our current Smart meter tariff, the PAYG Tina Tariff, which is only available when signing up online can see customers slash their annual energy bill.  Why pay more?  Simply visit for a quick and easy, free quote and see how much you could save.  Factor in the no exit fees or contracts and you will find that you have nothing to lose and everything to save.



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