What we are doing for our staff and customers during this time

Here at Nabuh we are working to ensure everything runs smoothly for our customers in response to COVID-19, it is also crucial to us as the energy company with a big heart that our staff are supported and safe through this period. ❤

Here is everything we are doing for both our members and our staff throughout this period.

For our customers:

We have sent reassurance to our customers via email that we are doing everything we can to ensure their energy supply remains uninterrupted during this time. ⚡🔥

We have created a thorough FAQ regarding customers energy supply and COVID-19 which we are updating at every stage necessary. https://www.nabuhenergy.co.uk/ufaqs/coronavirus-advice-prepay/

Our team are available as usual to our customers via phone, email or live chat. 📞
We are advising customers to contact us if they require additional support and assistance.

We want to assist our customers in any way possible and have been working to create blogs to help customers energy efficiency and lower their usage whilst working from home and self-isolating.


For our staff:

All our team are working from home 🏡 however, we have not taken a ‘one size fits all’ approach and instead we are working to understand working environments of each individual and adapted their roles slightly to fit their circumstances.

April is Stress Awareness Month and we are tying this in with the current situation as we understand the impact the current circumstances can have on all individuals. We are offering internal support to our staff and proving positive and useful information not only throughout the month but for as long as the lockdown lasts. These will also be implemented into our business permanently.

We are also creating virtual team building activities such as virtual ‘pub quiz’ to keep the workforce connected. We are encouraging our teams to interact virtually via Microsoft Teams and via the phone.

As the days go by we are figuring out creative ways to keep the workforce connected. ❤


Energy saving tips

Our Favourite Energy Saving Tips


We all like to save money where we can - especially when it comes to our home. We’ve put together 6 tips that will not only help you save money, but also become more energy efficient over time as well.

Row of one Pound Coins

Turn your appliances off standby

Turning your appliances of at the plug could save you £30 a year on average.
There are different types of plug sockets, some with a timer and others can be controlled from your phone. The plug sockets which have a timer give you the control to schedule when the appliance is turned on and off between certain hours of the day.
Some plug sockets come with an app which you are able to download on your phone, having this app not only give you the peace of mind but also help you to control your appliances when your not at home.

Buying energy efficient appliances

When your beloved appliance come to the end of the road why not use this as an opportunity to switch to a new more energy efficient model. Investing in a new dishwasher will save on average £7 a year compared to an older model. Switching to a A+++ fridge freezer will save around £300 on average in energy bills over its lifetime.

Glowing LED lamp including incandescent lamps on a wooden table

Get smart with your water

When it comes to washing the pots up try using a bowl instead of running the tap this simple swap can save you around £25 a year. When it comes to the bathroom try fitting a shower timer to help you work out when you should be getting out. Even if you only manage to cut a minute off every shower you could save up to £7 per person each year.

Washing machine panel display, setting 30 degrees temperature. Abstract cold water laundry programming backdrop, closeup.

Washing clothes on a lower temperature

Try washing your clothes at 30 degrees rather than at 40 degrees to help reduce your energy usage. If you can try to cut your washing down by one load a week you will also knock £5 off your annual bill.

Get double glazing

Think about investing into double glazing, it may seem scary at first but it helps to insulate your home from the cold while helping you reduce your energy bills. By insulting double glazing into a semi-detached house, you could save £110 a year.

Install a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats learn how long it takes exactly to heat your home once they know this information, they then only heat up the rooms you are using at the correct temperature. Most smart thermostats are controlled from your hone this means that you will never come back to a cold home ever again! By installing a smart thermostat, you could save around £75 a year.