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Standing Charges

Let’s talk about Standing Charges…

Q. What is a standing charge?

A. Your energy bills and statements are just like telephone bills and statements. As with phone bills, you are billed for the line rental and specific calls on top. With energy, it is essentially the same with standing charges being the cost of having a gas and/or electricity supply – then usage on top.

This means the standing charge is the fee you pay to have us supply and maintain your energy.

Q. Why would I pay a standing charge if I don't have to?

A. Without a standing charge, you would end up paying more than you must for each unit of energy you use. This means, if you have a high standing charge, you may pay less for usages and vice versa.

It's important to remember to continue topping up over the summer and keep an eye on your balance, even if you aren't using as much energy. The standing charges will continue to be taken from your account.

Q. Do switching sites help me find the cheapest tariff?

A. We always advise our customers and others to be careful and to check details carefully when using comparison sites. You may find that many only ask for your monthly usage and receive a quote based on you using this amount every month and the estimate you receive in comparison to your actual costs may differ.

We always recommend checking and comparing your standing charge and usage charge. Also, check the companies (like us) that aren’t available through switching sites, you’ll often find many amazing and possibly better deals.

Q. Why are standing charges always within the small print and sometimes hidden?

A. We never hide our standing charges, nor do we try to hide them. We always stay within the regulated limitation and will only recommend our tariffs if they are beneficial to you. We are happy to discuss all our tariffs with you.

Please contact for any further information you may need.