Spring Clean Those Savings

Top tips for spring energy saving

Having a spring clean won't only make your home feel fresh, it could also save you money!

Spring cleaning your house will not only make your home feel brand new, but it will also help trim those energy costs for the upcoming warmer months.

You want to know how? Well, dirt, dust and clutter can all clog up appliances in the home which means they don’t work as efficiently as they could do.

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you make your home more energy efficient:


Washing Machine



It’s important to clean the filters of washing machines and dryers regularly as these can clog up after just a few cycles.  It’s also worth cleaning the inside of the screen to remove fluff and dust to ensure that your machine stays efficient.



Dirty coils at the back of the fridge can make the motor work harder.  Be sure to vacuum the coils regularly to avoid dust and grime from building up.

Hang your washing out

Clothes hanging outside

With the fresher and brighter days on their way, there’s never a better time to utilise the sun we have and get your washing out on the washing line.  By doing this, you’ll not only save on energy from not using your dryer or putting your heating on to dry your clothes, but you’ll also save on the general wear and tear that you would have from using these methods.  Plus, who doesn’t like the smell of freshly dried clothes from the washing line?



Dust and vacuum around your radiators - any dust on the columns will prevent the heat from flowing freely. Avoid drying clothes on them as this increases the dust levels. Instead, put the clothes on a drying rack near a radiator.


Making sure that your hob is clean enough so that the rings heat up effectively is an important part of cooker maintenance that will allow you to see savings on your energy bill.

Make those bulbs shine brighter

It may seem like a strange tip. However, dusting off your lightbulbs is a quick and easy energy saving tip. 

By keeping all your bulbs clean and dust free, not only will this save you on replacing them as soon by it will also allow you to save money as each layer of dust that builds on the bulbs will dim their brightness.

Also, as you may know, using energy efficient lightbulbs and turning off your lights when you’re not in the room will be a major saving not only on the amount of energy used but also on your pocket!

washing dog in bath



Get out faster

We have an extra hour of sunlight and there’s no better time to enjoy it! Get out of the house faster (and save money) by having a shower.  Not only will this save you on your energy bill as you’re not heating as much water, but you’ll also save on your water bill (double save!)

Even our 4 legged friends can benefit from the shower every now and then!


Get a Smart Meter

New to Smart Meters? Don’t worry, we have tariffs available to support you on your Smart Meter journey.  We also have a handy User guide available here, so take the time to read through if you need to. Smart meters are the best way to visualise exactly what you are using and spending on energy as they have an in-home display that gives you all the information you will need in near real time.

Having a Smart Meter will help you monitor and manage your gas and electricity bills as you will have complete control and be able to see the changes made when using our energy saving tips – oh, and did we mention they’re free?!

Let us know how much you save!