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How To Spend Valentine’s Day As a Family

Valentine’s Day is pretty much around the corner now, but many of us brush it off, especially if we’re focused on our families. We think romance, dating and roses when Valentine’s comes to mind, and sometimes that’s not an option.


Other times, you might not even be interested in it! It often is advertised as a romantic day for ‘the two of you’ - a candle-lit dinner, romantic gifts or even a night away together. But, the truth is, we often forget what it truly is about: celebrating love.

Spend Valentine's Day as a Family - Nabuh Energy

Why does Valentine's Day matter?

As the Energy company with a big heart, we’d like to change the way you think about Valentine’s Day. 14th of February is a day that reminds us to spend more time on showing people that we love them - whether it’s your best friend, your children or your husband of 20 years. Of course, you love your family and friends all year around. So you ask yourself, why does today matter? The truth is that very often we get caught up in our lives and we don’t pay attention to those little, or actually, BIG important things. Even when we say those three words at the end of each night, we might forget to actually celebrate the love we have in our lives.

Children very often anticipate Valentine’s Day. Schools will be putting on events and heart filled adverts will catch their eyes, so they’ll be filled with excitement.

This is an amazing chance to take the time out, put the effort in and spread a little love around the house. Who says you need one Valentine? Let everyone you love be yours.

This is why we’ve put together a list of fun and love-filled ways of spending Valentine’s Day as a family. Whether you want to catch up with your siblings, visit the parents or have a night in with your kids, you won’t be short of things to do. Maybe this year is the year you start new traditions?

How to spend Valentine's Day as a family?

Spend Valentine's Day as a Family - Nabuh Energy
  • Valentine’s themed food

Fill your meals and snacks with love! You could start the day off with heart shaped toast or pancakes, pack a love themed lunch or altogether enjoy a candle lit evening meal. Even better, get the family together and do some Valentine’s Day cooking or baking. The possibilities are endless! You can get creative and think of different food that can be turned into hearts or look up some videos for inspiration.

Spend Valentine's Day as a Family - Nabuh Energy
  • Valentine’s crafts

Just like with food, you can get creative with decorations. Have a day of different arts and crafts projects and put together things you can decorate the house with. Not only will you have a home filled with love, you will have a fun day that everyone will enjoy. You can also get everyone to make Valentine’s cards or gifts for each other and then exchange them in the end.

This is definitely great to get the kids to be creative, but don’t shy away from it as an adult-only family. Getting crafty can be very therapeutic and you’ll be surprised how much fun you all could have.

Spend Valentine's Day as a Family - Nabuh Energy
  • Do what you love

Make it not just about who you love but also what you love. Is there something you all love doing, like everyone’s favourite board game, film or place? If there isn’t that one thing you can all agree on, try this instead:

Everyone should make a list of things they love to do the most. Then share them with each other and schedule the day to make sure you do at least one thing from each person’s list. That way you know the whole family is feeling the love and no one’s being left out!

Spend Valentine's Day as a Family - Nabuh Energy
  • Me-time for the whole family

You could take this time to each focus on loving yourself! Organise a family pamper day, with face masks, massages and films or maybe agree to all have a sofa day and just re-charge the batteries. It's just as important to show love for yourself as it is for others - this is also something that you could remind your kids! It's never a bad time to learn to truly look after yourself, mentally and physically.

Spend Valentine's Day as a Family - Nabuh Energy
  • Random acts of kindness

This Valentine's Day, why don't you really spread the love? It's a great chance to truly show how much you love and care about other people and the world around us. You could all plan to do a volunteering day or organise a fundraising activity. You could also set a challenge for the whole family to each do at least one random act of kindness - whether it's visiting someone who's alone, carrying someone's shopping or surprising them with something they love.

Spend Valentine's Day as a Family - Nabuh Energy
  • Gift your kindness

Why don't you all take part in giving - whether it's your time, effort or company. By this, of course, I mean creating gift vouchers for one another! Through handmade gift vouchers, you can all give someone something that can't be bought. The vouchers could be to take up someone else's chore, to spend the day with them or maybe agree to watch that film you've always said no to. This way you can get creative, spread the love and show that you care about each other.

Hopefully, these ideas will work great for your family - they should give you a special and memorable way to spend this day together. These can also work as a starting point to inspire your brainstorm, if you want your family do something even more unique. Don't forget to keep in mind that Valentine's Day isn't just about romance, but about taking that time out of your life to celebrate the love we share.

We wish you a very happy and love-filled Valentine's Day, from the whole team at Nabuh Energy!