Smart meter top 6

We’ve narrowed down the top 6 most frequently asked questions regarding Smart Meters to help you make your upgrading decision easier!

Question 1: Is it true you can't switch provider once you have a Smart meter installed?

You may have heard about the newest generation of Smart meters, SMETS2, which are cross-compatible.  This means if you have switched over from a different supplier, you won’t lose any Smart meter functionality.

We will let you know when we are installing our Smart meters into homes.  To make sure that you have your name on the list, let us know you’re interested here.

Question 2: Can your Smart meter really spy on you?

This is a statement that has circulated around the internet since the release of Smart Meters, please rest assured that this is not true!

Smart meters work in a similar way to traditional meters and only track your energy consumption, so no, there’s no special ‘spying’ feature on them.

Question 3: Do Smart meters allow for your energy supply to be easily switched off?

No, OFGEM regulates the protection of all energy customers.

You’re protected by strict regulations against being switched off or disconnected by any energy supplier. This protection remains just as much with smart meters as it does with traditional meters.

Question 4: I've heard that Smart meters can be hacked - is it true? 

The systems behind Smart meters are very secure and specifically designed to prevent hacking. Security is at the heart of the whole smart meter roll-out programme.  Smart meters don’t use the internet and have their own closed, dedicated communications system.  Not only that, but they have been designed by top cyber security experts to ensure that the security best practice has been implemented in each stage of development.

Question 5: Do Smart meters cause damage to your health?

There has been no evidence to suggest that exposure to smart meters and the radio transmitters they have, posing a risk to health. The exposure you have with smart meters is below international guidelines and is less than mobile phones or Wi-Fi, so there is no need to worry about any health risks.

Question 6: Smart meters only benefit the energy supplier so why should I get one?

As with any business, there will be a benefit, however, most of the benefits are for the customer themselves.  For example,

  • Smart meters provide customers with near-real-time energy usage information which can help you see exactly how much you’re spending and how to take control of it.
  • Say goodbye to estimated bills, so you only pay for the amount you use.
  • No more manual meter reads, your smart meter will send them directly to us!
  • Smart meters also provide power outage detection and notification, so if you ever suffer a power shortage it will be reported and restored without you doing a thing