Smart Meter Roll Out

We ARE planning on bringing you Smart Meters!  Plans are just running a little bit later than we would like them to.  It’s all for a good reason though, and let us explain why!


Smart meters are the way forward

Smart meters are moving in and fast.  They’re a great piece of kit that can send accurate data about your energy usage directly to us, so you don’t have to take meter readings yourself or get bogged down on estimated usage!

Smart meters allow for real-time information about what is using your energy and how much, this gives you a way to use less and slash your bills and usage.

All in all, we agree that Smart meters are a great idea.  The Government’s plan is for all energy suppliers to provide them to their customers by 2020, and we couldn’t agree more.  A mentioned, we will be providing them a little later than planned by here is why…


We want to install the most recent Smart Meters

Pretty much every Smart meter in the UK right now is the first generation (SMETs1) Meter.  They are fine and will still work the same, there is just one big problem: in most cases when you switch supplier, they stop being ‘smart’ and revert to ‘dumb’ status.  This means that you will have to take manual readings all over again.

This is why we have decided to wait.  To allow our customers to have the newest and most recent technology on the market.  We will be investing in SMETs2 meters (the second generation) which will allow each customer to switch easily, without having your meter go ‘dumb’.  We know that this is the best and right decision, even if the process is taking longer than originally planned.

As mentioned, we had originally planned to be installing these meters closer to the end of this year.  but industry-wide delays means it just hasn’t been possible.  These delays have affected every supplier that wanted to install SMETs2 meters .  However, all is not lost as there has been a lot of progress lately and we are now able to test our smart meters and all of our smart set-up.  We are hoping to start installing SMETs2 meters as soon as they have passed standards that we believe are a requirement for all of our customers.

At the end of the day, we want our customers to have the power in their hands.  That’s why all of our tariff’s come with NO contract and Fixed prices, allowing our customers to have the freedom to make whichever decision they want. We don’t like negative energy and will never hold it against you!