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Small Everyday Changes To Save Energy

With a determined voice, you tell yourself ‘This year, I will save energy!’.

It’s now almost the end of January, and many of our resolutions might be getting ditched at this point. After all, they do say that you shouldn’t make unachievable goals, because you're more likely to give up on them. But, don’t you worry, not this resolution - it's never been more possible to save energy! We are here to make these goals not only achievable, but also very easy for you.

save energy with these small changes - Nabuh EnergyWhether it’s for the environment or saving your own pockets, we all want to reduce our energy usage - that’s a no brainer. The problem is, we don’t always think we’re capable of it. It can be difficult to change your household habits, especially when you’re not sure if they will be worth that effort.

But, a plan to save energy doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time or change your lifestyle. It can be so simple that you won’t even notice it happening. How? Just by making little changes in your everyday life - changes that, after a few days, you won’t even need to think about anymore. The goal is to make 2018 the year of saving energy - and we have made a list of small things to help you achieve this.

Benefits of saving energy:

  • It saves you money on your energy bills.
  • It supports the environment, from climate change prevention to less energy resources being used up.
  • Makes life easier - if you save energy, you will make other things in your everyday routine easier and your life more comfortable, it’s a win-win!
  • Reduces demand, which helps the economy, environment and pressure that can impact those aspects.
  • Something to be proud of - not only you achieved a great goal, but it’s also allowing you to carry on with your everyday life guilt free.
  • Reduces stress, because you can stop worrying about your energy bills and focus your time on other things!
You can make all of this happen just by changing the smallest habits in your everyday life - ones that are easy to change. This is going to finally be the resolution that you KEEP! We are here to make sure of that.
These hacks are exactly how you will easily become energy efficient. To save energy, you can try all of them or pick and choose what suits you best - even the tiniest things can make a big difference.

Small everyday changes to save energy this year

  • Avoid that curiosity - Stop peeking when you don’t need to. That applies to the oven, looking under the pot lids or checking the fridge again, even though you already know what’s in it.
  • Keeps cool when it’s full - Fill up your freezer. It takes less energy to stay cool when there is more frozen stuff inside. Use it as an excuse to save with bulk shopping.
  • Do your washing all in one day - Wash and dry back to back. A dryer uses up the most energy to get warm. To save energy, take advantage when it does and plan out your washing so that you can dry many loads back to back.
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  • The layer rule - set yourself a rule, that before youput the heating on, you try one extra layer, whether it’s a jumper, dressing gown or a cosy blanket. If that doesn’t work, THEN turn it up.
  • The reversed layer rule - Same works for opening windows to cool down. If you can get rid of a layer, try that before you choose to open a window and lose all the heat.
  • Avoid the ‘phantom load’ - It sounds like a science fiction term, but it’s very real. Turn appliances off when not in use, as some of them still eat up your energy - even up to £30 worth a year (according to Energy Saving Trust)
  • Don’t forget the curtains -Open them during the day and let the sun warm the house up, then close at night for that extra insulation.
  • Energy thieves - Keep things away from the radiators, they will steal all the heat! Especially if it’s a fridge / freezer, as then it has to use more energy to keep cool. Move all your furniture around if you have to - it'll be worth it!
  • Make sure you shut it - Keep the doors shut all around the house - you can stick fun reminders on the doors so that no one forgets.
  • The obvious one - It might seem obvious, but remember to turn the heating and lights off in rooms that aren’t being used.
  • Even better: Hang out together more - Use less rooms in the house by making everyone gather in one place, even if you’re all doing your own thing.
  • Check and switch - The most important one. So many households miss out on hundreds of pounds by not switching their energy suppliers. You’ll never know what you could be saving. If you haven't checked what you can save with Nabuh Energy yet, now is the time!
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There you have it, 15 small changes for you to get on the energy saving wagon. If there’s one resolution you can achieve this year, it’ll be this one. At the end of 2018, when it comes to looking back at your goals and achievements, you can now feel proud instead of guilty!