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Show us your big heart and share the love (and earn some cash) with your Nabuh Energy referral code

Sharing your referral code is not only good for the planet (our electricity is 100% green now!), your friends and your wallet (we’ll give you £25 free credit every single time someone signs up using your specific code!). Here are six good reasons to spread the love. And if you’re a doer not a reader, who likes to get straight to business, you can find your link here.


  1. You’ll be helping to protect the planet

Let’s face it. We only have 1 Earth and we should all do our best to make it the best place to be, not only for us, but the future, and there is already way too many nasty chemicals and oils floating all over.  That’s why, with our 100% green energy, you can do your bit to make sure that more people go green, and the more people that go green, the healthy this wonderful planet will be!

Sounds good to us.

  1. You’ll be the cool kid in your circle

We hope to save people money when they switch to Nabuh. We know that over half of homes are still on expensive standard variable tariffs with one of the Big Six. To which we hope to say that everyone switching from a tariff like this will save money by joining Nabuh.

We currently offer £25 free credit as a referral bonus to the referrer, so not only will you be saving your friends some money on their energy, you’ll also be making money yourself.  Win-Win.  Oh, and don’t forget, once they have signed up, they also have the chance to share their own code and receive £25 free credit themselves!

  1. You can make (serious) money

You can refer as many friends as you like. You’ll get £25 free credit every time.  That means, if 4 of your referred friends join us, that’s £100 free credit, leaving you with extra savings to spend on whatever you like!

  1. Pretty much everyone’s doing it

Based on the last month alone, we have an increase in customers joining us from word-of-mouth. We’re incredibly thankful to our current customers for spreading the word about Nabuh Energy.

We can 100% agree that the internet and social media are good outlets for sharing useful stuff with your friends. So, don’t be shy about sharing the love!

  1. It’s how small Energy companies like us get to take on the big 6

Even though the energy industry is still dominated by a small number of giant corporations (who we think don’t do enough to save their customers money for their customers!). Word-of-mouth helps small energy companies like Nabuh Energy to compete with big advertising budgets.

Did we mention that we love to grow through referrals - a friend of yours is a friend of ours. It’s great to keep money between us, rather than spending on big ad campaigns – (it also means we can save you more!)

  1. It’s so easy to do!

You can grab your unique referral code by clicking the link below;

Then, simply share your code and each time someone signs up with the code, you’ll receive £25 free credit when they’re account is activated.