Save energy over summer

With a change in the weather comes a change in the way we use our energy. Being smart about your energy usage can save you loads over summer. We have shared five of our favourite summer energy saving tips.

Keep the fridge closed

Think about how many times in a day your children open the fridge looking for snacks, every time this happens up to a third of cold air escapes, which then takes more energy to cool it back down. Keeping your fridge closed will not only save you money but make your snack draw last a little bit longer this summer.


Have a shower over bath

Close-up of chrome shower, faucet, in the bathroom covered decorative ceramic tiles with white glossy bricks. Water running from shower head.

We all know that it is far too hot for baths come the summertime, so why not swap your family bath time for showers instead? As well as being cheaper, showers are also faster meaning once bedtime is done, you get extra time in the evening to relax.


When the weather is hot outside, it can be a bit of a challenge to cook in your kitchen. To save yourself from overheating and the expense of using different kitchen appliances, try using your barbeque or microwave when you can. These both use a third of the energy that your oven would and also produce a fraction of the heat.

Woman's hand closing the door of the microwave oven and sets the time for heating food

Get outside


Normally, come the summertime, children are more than happy to spend all their time on their favourite video games. However, this adds extra pounds onto your energy bill every time they play. We suggest getting your family out on a long walk in your local park, woods or countryside. This will be a nice bonding opportunity for your family, as well as helping you to keep costs low.

Use your washing line

After being outside with your children and playing in the heat, this will only lead to one thing - washing. Instead of using your dryer, put the clothes out to dry on your washing line where they will dry faster and have the lovely fresh air scent.

washing line

Please ensure you are adhering to the government guidelines around Coronavirus (COVID-19) and social distancing.