2017 Renewable Energy Records

As we’re about to welcome the new year of 2018, we have found reports on the significant changes in the energy market over the past year, particularly for renewable energy. Some we might add are more exciting than others..

As reported by Sky News, the UK has set not just one but several records this year including the following:

– The largest amount of renewable electricity being produced of 19.2GW (March 2017).
– The first 24-hour period for more than 150 years without using power from coal (April 2017)
– Wine, nuclear and solar power were generated more than gas and coal for the first time (June 2017).
– The most wind power in a day of 281.5GW (December 2017).

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An Incredible Year..

What an incredible year it’s been, with more exciting news for the energy industry next year. As a new energy company we’re constantly looking to learn and share the information we find about the industry along side supporting the use of renewable energy. We will be continuing to share information on our blog, along side tips and tricks on how you can save on your energy bills and helping the environment.

We hope these records are broken again in the new year!