Terms and Conditions for Refer a Friend

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Participation in and use of the Nabuh Energy Refer-a-Friend scheme (“The Scheme”) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions (“Scheme Terms”). The Scheme pertains specifically to current Nabuh Energy residential pre-payment customers (“Participant(s)”) referring new residential pre-payment electricity customers (“Customer(s)”) in markets where Nabuh Energy is a Residential Electricity Provider. If you have any questions about the Scheme Terms or any other policies or terms applicable to your involvement in the Scheme, please e-mail Nabuh Energy at customerservice@nabuhenergy.co.uk.


Participants must be in good standing to be eligible to participate in the Scheme. To be considered in good standing, the Participant must have an active residential account with Nabuh Energy. Nabuh Energy reserves the right to terminate a Participant’s participation in the Scheme upon written notice. Any written notices required or permitted to be given by Nabuh Energy hereunder may be delivered by email or text. By participating in the Scheme, you consent to delivery of all Scheme-related notices and information by text or phone number to the contact details you have registered within your Nabuh Energy account and acknowledge that you have the necessary equipment (hardware and software) to receive and read such emails or texts.


Qualified Referrals and Rewards

For purposes of the Scheme, a qualified referral must be a new Nabuh Energy pre-payment customer. A new customer is defined as someone that is neither a current nor pending residential pre-payment electricity customer of Nabuh Energy. In addition, a qualified referral must satisfy all Nabuh Energy enrolment requirements including; a) enrol with Nabuh Energy either through the website or telesales and provide a valid Referral ID code when placing the order to switch your energy supply to Nabuh Energy.

Eligible participants will receive a £20 credit on the Participant’s live meter either Gas OR Electricity. The amount Nabuh Energy is offering may be changed by Nabuh Energy at any time prior to enrollment of a qualified referral without notice to you. The Nabuh Energy Refer-a-Friend Scheme website page will contain up-to-date information regarding Nabuh Energy’s current offer. By participating in the Scheme, you agree that Nabuh Energy shall make the final determination as to whether a person meets all requirements to be considered a qualified referral.

Scheme Use

Nabuh Energy will email you to keep track of your referrals and rewards with respect thereto; provided that your use of the Scheme is strictly subject to the Scheme Terms. Nabuh Energy is not obligated to, and will not, release to you the reasons why a referral has not been deemed a qualified referral.

Nabuh Energy complies with GDPR and will only, therefore, contact consumers and customers who choose to opt-in to receive Nabuh Energy marketing emails/texts. Accordingly, if you designate a referral email address that has previously opted out of receiving Nabuh Energy marketing emails, you may be advised that the email address is not eligible to be sent a Nabuh Energy Refer-a-Friend email. This also applies to texts, using phone numbers that have opted out of receiving marketing communications.

Other Terms and Conditions

These Scheme Terms are in addition to and do not in any way limit or alter Nabuh Energy terms and conditions or agreements.