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Quick energy saving tips

Our Favourite Energy Saving Tips

Turn the lights out on halogen bulbs and switch to LED bulbs to save yourself money this year. (Doing this also helps the environment - for every 34 bulbs swapped 183kg of carbon dioxide emissions are saved.)

Glowing LED lamp including incandescent lamps on a wooden table
Washing machine panel display, setting 30 degrees temperature. Abstract cold water laundry programming backdrop, closeup.

Switch appliances off at the wall and avoid leaving anything on stand by. Stand by uses 80% as much energy as the appliance being on. You could save yourself £30 yearly by doing this.

Washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees can save you on your energy costs and save you from shrinking your favourite jumper!

You're spending more on heating during the winter months, you deserve to enjoy every penny of it. Draught excluders are essential during the winter to preserve the heat and prevent draughts.