Pride 2020

Here at Nabuh Energy we have a diverse workforce and believe in equality for all, the month of June marks a global celebration for the LBGT community.

Celebrating Pride goes all the way back to June 1969 where the Stonewall Riots first took place in New York City. This sparked activism and awareness across the United States which later lead to the LGBT community being celebrated and recognised for their hard work across the world every year.

With the weather set to reach high temperatures these next coming weeks why not get out into your garden and hold a Pride bbq? See our tips below for advice on how to make your bbq a colour sensation!

*Be sure to remember any garden parties you chose to hold must have no more than 6 people present and continue to social distance keeping 2 metres apart.


Just because you are holding the party in your garden this does not stop you from dressing up and wearing glitter! Pride is all about having fun so be experimental and bold with both your hair and outfit choice.




All parties need some form of decoration, get together some colourful paper and make some pride signs. These can then be fixed to your fence and used a background for taking those all-important photos.


There is no such thing as a party without music, Spotify has realised their Pride 2020 playlist with over six hours’ worth of songs to get you up on your feet and dancing until the early morning.



To save on cooking the extra bits in the heat we suggest going to your local supermarket and taking a look in their ready to eat section, this will keep you out of the kitchen when the temperatures raise and give you more to spend with your loved ones.

Remember pride is all about having a positive attitude and a big heart so however you choose to celebrate make sure it is full of love!