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Nabuh Energy, Sheffield’s own energy company are happy to announce a new partnership with PayPoint that will allow thousands of prepay energy customers another avenue to top up their smart meters.

From 09th July 2019, every Nabuh Energy prepayment customer will be able to top up at a further 29,000 stores, expanding our existing top-up networks.  Having access to PayPoint, customers will find it easier to top up their meters with cash and card at their local newsagents, convenience stores and garages.  With many stores opening until late, customers will have an added flexibility to keep topping up for longer.

Klaus Bach, CEO of Nabuh Energy said: “We have invested in PayPoint to give our customers a wide range of options to which they are able to top up.  We want to continue to strive to give our customers a better experience when it comes to their energy and this partnership will take away the hassle of finding the correct top up area”

The partnership comes at a time when Nabuh Energy is rolling out Smart Meters meaning that these customers will benefit further from the partnership as they have more access to top up zones.  Smart Meters are set to replace traditional meters and provide customers will accurate statements, near real-time information and aids in having greater control over the gas and electricity usage.  As many traditional meter customers already do, customers will now be able to top up at their local post office as well as local stores.

The partnership with PayPoint encompasses the Nabuh Energy values of using technology-led innovation to provide customers with an ease of use service and attractive user propositions. The extra access customers will have to their local top-up store should increase customer satisfaction, top up independence for those wishing to pay in cash or card, whilst lowering incorrect top up card usage which often leads to customer debt.  The PayPoint partnership should also see in an increase in independent store top up, thus bringing further revenue to smaller businesses.

For any further information regarding the partnership between Nabuh Energy and PayPoint, please contact or call us on 0330 0414 902