What happens when you have received an objection 🙁

We understand that sometimes you have your reasons to want to leave and that is why, unlike some other energy companies, we don't trap you in to annual contracts or charge any early exit fees.  We want you to feel confident in the knowledge that you have the freedom that you deserve.

Sometimes however, because of our beliefs in freedom and the trust we have in our customers, we have people who try to leave when they have a debt owed on their account.  This may be because they are a direct debit customer and they haven't kept up to date with their bill, or they may be a prepayment customer who has money owed on their account from standing charges, prepayment plans or historical debt (direct debit moved to prepay)

What happens next is that we have our team look through every account that has a leave request and we find out if any of the above conditions that may apply.  90% of the time, we never object to a customer moving to another company, however, there are times when we want to discuss an account with a person a little bit more.

Check out our compiled list of questions that we often receive from customers regarding these leaving objections.


Q: How can i have debt on my account? I am a prepayment customer.

A: Debt can be accumulated from any historical debt, maybe you was a direct debit customer and became a prepayment customer and still have an outstanding debt on the account?.  Debts can also arise from standing charges, emergency credit and any prepayment plans that have yet to be paid.  Usually, unless there is a large historical debt, prepayment customers have a smaller amount of debt that can be paid quickly and easily to allow the requested transfer.


Q:How much do i owe?

A: If you are a prepayment customer, you can simply find out your outstanding balance debt owed by viewing your meter.  All information should be shown on the screen.

  • For Traditional gas meter customers - you will need to insert the card and work your way through to screen 27.
  • For Traditional electric meter customers - you will need to insert the card and work your way through to screen "S"
  • Smart Meter customers can find out over the phone if you wish to discuss your account.  Prepayment will require proof there is no debt on the meter.


Q: You objected my move more than once but i have paid my debt/there is no debt. Why?

A: Sometimes our records can take a little bit longer than we like to update and you may be pooled into an 'Objections List' more than once.  This usually happens if you have applied with another company more than once within a short period of time.  We do apologise and we try our very best to make sure we catch any duplicates that may come through.


Q: What happens next? When can i switch?

A: Objections to switching are very common, it could be anything that has caused the account from triggering a stop.  That is why we always inform our customers to speak with a member of our customer service team who will be able to inform you if there are any issues with your account.

Once you have spoken to a member of our team, we always advise you to ask your selected supplier to re-apply.

We hope this has given you some insight as to objections and how they work.  We understand that this is something that you would ever enjoy!.


If you do require any further information or do have any other questions.  Please contact us at or call our team on 0330 0414 902