Nabuh Energy Growth

Nabuh is now 2 years old and as the old cliche goes, it's only getting 'bigger and better'. 

The speed of growth which new, smaller energy companies often face when entering the utility market is known to be one of the biggest pitfalls that can cause many issues for the company and the business.  However, Nabuh has been forward-thinking in their staffing knowing these dangers and have successfully seen an increase of over 200% in their employee numbers since June 2018 which has covered the whopping growth of over 300% in supplied meters during this time period.

The balance and inclusivity of Nabuh Energy is shown further within the nature of the demographics.  With a 48/52 split of Male to Female and an equal balance of the age ranges 18-65.  Such demographics are not seen as frequent within other energy companies, with others often bidding for a particular gender or age range.  The large scope of varied consumers allows Nabuh Energy to incorporate both traditional and technological techniques to their brand's processes and customer service procedures, allowing customers to fit the brand into their own lives at their convenience.

Nabuh Energy within the past 12 months has also continued to enforce the brand mission statement "The Energy Company with a big Heart" by participating in various charitable events and fundraising.  The company also raised money for Sheffield's Weston Park Cancer Care by holding a charity football match at Sheffield United's Bramall Lane.

By becoming a member of the Sheffield Chambers of Commerce and also becoming a Disability Confident Employer, Nabuh energy continues to show the growth both organically within its consumer base, but also within the community, all whilst ensuring that the brand values are respected and portrayed within everything it does.