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Mother’s Day surprises that mums won’t expect

Mother's Day isn't just to treat your mum - you could be looking for a way to simply thank a great mum that's in your life. This could be a friend, the mum of your kids or an auntie who's always been like a mum to you. But how do you celebrate and thank them for everything they've done for you? As enjoyable as flowers and chocolates are, some people like to get a little more creative once in a while. Nevermind the fact that, on Mother’s Day, all the best ones all highly likely to be sold out anyway.


As the Energy company with a big heart, we believe in always putting your all into the presents we give our loved ones, even those last minute ones. But don’t you worry if your mind is blank this year, because we are here to help you come up with ideas for the best Mother’s Day surprises! With these, the mum in your life will feel treated and appreciated, just like she deserves.

Wrap her passport

Do you have access to her passport? Book a short getaway, for Mother’s Day or afterwards and, rather than telling her what you’ve booked, do something a little more creative. If you can get hold of it, wrap up her passport or put in a decorated gift box. Not only she won’t expect it, but even once she ‘receives’ her present, it’s still going to be a surprise until she is there! Also, if you book this as a post-Mother’s Day break away, you might even get away with giving yourself a bit more time to book it, seen as she won’t know. That way, you can make sure it’s definitely something she’ll absolutely love.


Give her a choice

We think that you usually can't go wrong with gifts with an experience, whether it's a trip away or a spa day. But what if you really are not sure where she’d like to go? Rather than choosing one type of experience or one type of break, write out all the options, whether it's a weekend in Rome or a trip to the spa, and give her her own 'experience day package'. You've probably seen ones like this in the shop, so it might seem like it's better to just buy one of them. However, just think of the look on her face when she reads through all the different options you have personally planned out for her, all according to her favourite things.


Tip: if you're really not sure what she'd like to do or if she can get a little picky, it might be harder to come up with even one option. Instead, you could tell her to free up her weekend and to guess where she's going - and take her to the first place she guesses!

Unique and  Personalised

You're probably thinking - personalised Mother's Day gifts are amazing, but they're so common these days. As so many shops offer everything personalised, from painted names on artwork to engraved letters into a chocolate bar, it can be a bit hard if you want something unique. If you want to give her something personal, but you're short for creative ideas, start thinking deeper about the personalisation and the things she likes. Rather than getting 'Mum', her name or her kids names engraved, have a little brainstorm of other things she might appreciate in the personalisation. Does she have a favourite song? Use the lyrics for your engraving. A favourite film quote? Get something personalised with the lyrics. What about a favourite location? You can get the map location and print it on jewellery or a canvas.


Tell me about that time..

This is something she is definitely not going to expect - give her something she can then give back to you, and you'll both be able to appreciate it for a longer time. Some mums absolutely love telling you about their memories - this could be funny stories about when you were little or an emotional story from high school. How about giving your mum something where she can write all of those memories down? Get a simple notebook and every few pages, write a creative title, such as: 'Tell me about a time when you skipped school', or 'tell me about your first home'.

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Mother's Day Crafts

You might think that crafts are just for kids, but you're missing out on all the fun it can bring to the person making them and the person who's on the receiving end. Everyone loves a gift straight from the heart and there's no better way to say 'I've put so much effort into this!' Than a gift you have literally made yourself. Crafts can be complex, but they don't have to be hard! For everything that you can think of making, there will be a tutorial video telling you how to easily do it. Now you have no excuses - it's time to get creative!


Full day of surprises

If you've done your brainstorm and no surprises seem good enough, how about combining them all into one day? Make the day filled with little outings, surprises and small gifts so that she keeps getting surprised every few hours. Start ofd the day with a good old breakfast in bed - she'll love it and then think this is it, that's her surprise. Then you can come out with a little gift after breakfast. Once she thinks that this time that's all he surprises done, take her for a day out. Finish the day with a meal at her favourite place or a home cooked one, and you've got yourself the perfect Mother's Day.


Tick things off

Is there things that the mum in your life does on a daily basis that she would love a break from? This could be house chores, a school run or getting her car cleaned. Think about all the things she does and all the extra things she’d love to have done, send her on a relaxing day out and do it all for her. Or if you wake up early, you might be able to get a lot of things done before she even wakes up. Then present her with a list of ticked off things and tell her to treat herself to a relaxing bath - everyone deserves a break, especially mums! If you can’t get things done for her as a surprise, simply present her with a list of things you’re going to do with tick boxes next to them - just make sure you follow through with it, otherwise the gift doesn’t count!


We're hoping that this post has given you plenty of ideas on how to treat the mum in your life. Don't forget though - the most important thing is to cherish that person everyday. It's so great that we get a day to celebrate and thank the mums in our lives for everything they've done for us. We wish you all the happiest Mother's Day and best of luck with your surprises!