Meter Reads and why they’re important

Why it’s important to provide your meter readings

Your meters record how much energy you have used, and we use this information to ensure your account is up to date and that we are able to provide you with the correct statements.

We know that accurate energy usage can help to manage finances, especially when it comes to knowing exactly what you need to pay.  Without your exact meter reading, we can only estimate your usage which can sometimes mean that you might be paying too little or too much, dependant on your usage.  This means that when we are able to get an accurate reading, you may have a debt on your account and you will have to pay more than expected in the next coming months, which is why we always ask for up to date meter readings so that we can ensure that you are only paying for what you use!

We may ask you for an up to date meter reading if you haven’t provided one in a while, so we can ensure you are paying the right amount, or we may ask you for one if you are leaving or joining us.  We know that sometimes it is inconvenient to provide these readings, but it’s all for the reasons given above.  We want to save you money!


lady with bills and calculator. Typing on calculator with white pen.

We do recommend that you provide us a meter reading on the last day of every month in order to ensure your monthly statements are kept up to date with your usage and that you can keep up to date with your own usage.  SMART Meters are handy little machines that do this for you, so don’t worry about meter readings if you already have one!

One last piece of advice…. Make sure you don’t confuse your meters! We know that this is easy to do, but you want to make sure that you enter your gas and electricity reading in the right boxes.

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