January Resolutions

Benefits of saving energy:

  • It saves you money on your energy bills.
  • It supports the environment, from climate change prevention to less energy resources being used up.
  • Makes life easier - if you save energy, you will make other things in your everyday routine easier and your life more comfortable, it’s a win-win!
  • Reduces demand, which helps the economy, environment and pressure that can impact those aspects.
  • Something to be proud of - not only you achieved a great goal, but it’s also allowing you to carry on with your everyday life guilt free.
  • Reduces stress, because you can stop worrying about your energy bills and focus your time on other things!

If there’s one resolution you can achieve this year, it’ll be this one. At the end of 2019, when it comes to looking back at your goals and achievements, you can now feel proud instead of guilty!



How to help yourself save energy:

Make sure you share these tips with all those around you - if you encourage people to save energy, then their achievements are your achievements.

We will support you throughout the year with more tips, encouragement and reminders, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and watch this space for more hints, tips and tricks. We are here to help you make it happen, so let us know how you get on.

Lets make this year one to remember - a year of saving energy!

  1. Team work- Encourage the whole family (or house share). You are more likely to stick to these if you get everyone in the house involved. Very often, people give up because they feel like everyone else cancels out their efforts - so instead, encourage each other and make it a group goal to save energy this year.
  2. Make it a challenge- Bring in rewards and penalties for how well you follow these tips. This works especially well if you get your kids involved - congratulate and reward them when they save energy.
  3. You HAVE to do it- Find your own motivation. Find a way to stay motivated - commit to posting your goals and updates on social media or maybe think of a treat to buy yourself with all the money saved.
  4. Ease into it- Try to implement these hacks one by one. Start with a small change and once you’re used to it, add another one - this way, you won’t even notice any routines changing.
  5. Time and remind- However you choose to do it, you should set up a time schedule and reminders to switch things of. Whether you use timers, post-it notes or phone reminders, make sure it works with your daily routines.