The Importance of Rest and Sleep

Staying rested

This week is mental health awareness week. We all know that getting the right amount of rest and sleep has a big effect on our bodies, but did you know it also has an impact on your mental health? Follow our quick and easy tips below to not only rest your body, but your mind as well!


What can you do?

Making a to-do list for your day will help you to decide what your top priorities are, while allowing you to stay on top on top of your own needs. A to-do list can look different for everyone. Your main priority might be to complete the weekly food shop, whereas someone else’s may be to shower that day. Both of these are perfectly okay. Sticking to your to-do list will not only give you a sense of achievement but it will also stop you from overstretching yourself.

Make sure you that you take little breaks often. When your body has been in the same place for too long it starts to put your brain under extra pressure, and we tend to find it more difficult to concentrate and perform our daily tasks. Breaks can be as simple as going to make a cup of tea or going out for some fresh air.


The foundations for a good night's sleep come from what you do during the day and the evening. Staying active and getting enough exercise during the day is a good way to make sure that you feel tired enough when bedtime does come around. Switching from day time to night time can sometimes be difficult, but the easiest way to do this is by finding a way to unwind your body. We suggest having a bath or shower, reading a book or even limiting your screen time before bed.