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How to celebrate World Book Day at home

You wake up, ready to dress everyone into the World Book Day costumes you've had prepared for weeks. You look outside the window, and there it is.. snow everywhere, as far as you can see. As exciting as that sounds, it can only mean one thing - the schools are shut. But what do we do about World Book Day? Have the costumes gone to waste? Do we forget celebrating books today?

Of course not! Staying at home does not mean you have to miss out on all the fun that today brings. We've put together a list of things you can do at home today, and it's not just curling up with your favourite novel (but it's an option!).


How can you celebrate World Book Day at home?

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Already bought your kids outfits and you're worried they're going to waste? Pictures are the perfect way to capture them forever! But we don't mean just basic pose pictures - why don't you do a themed photoshoot? Get as creative as you can with creating a photoshoot set that's themed with the characters they are dressed as. Use the things you have at home, but maybe do make some crafts too. It's not about the end result but the fun of the project, so get creative!

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Book Quiz

Think you know everything there is to know about famous stories? Test yourselves!

Who is the bear in The Jungle Book? What book series is Severous Snape from? There are many online quizzes, in writing, but also full quiz videos! It might be good to get the kids involved, but adults can enjoy it just as much! Not only it's a great chance to get a little competitive, but you'll also get to go back in time and think about your favourite novel. And the loser cooks tonight?

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World Book Day Party

So, if the schools are shut and your whole street is filled with kids wishing they could show off their outfits, why not gather everyone in one house and celebrate together? Prepare snacks, a costume vote, some quizzes and that’s the day sorted for you! That way nothing is lost and both the parents and the kids stay happy. Once you get the everyone together in one place, you won’t even need to worry about finding them something to do. But, if you run out of ideas, there’s always a good old snowball fight outside? Make it book themed for extra fun.


Film Night

A film night.. for World Book Day? How does that work?

Well, some of the greatest films have been book adaptations - if you’re stuck for activities, make a list of films based on books and you can all curl up on the sofa for a themed film night. You could watch something that you’ve also read and compare the differences, or put a film on specifically to encourage the kids to read a certain book. You never know, you could be heading to the library after this!

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A Book By You

Why focus on books that already exist if you can get creative and make your own? Find a writing prompt and spend the day pouring your words out onto paper (or your tablet). Even if you’ve never written anything creative before, it’s good to start! Writing can teach both adults and kids a lot about language, story telling and creativity. But if you’re really not into writing, how about learning how to make a pop-up book or get the young ones to work on a comic book instead? The possibilities are endless!


Book Swap

Host a book swap! Get all the neighbours involved (in case it’s hard to get others to travel in this weather).  Come together with all your old books and do a good old swap. You’ll be able to recommend your favourites and get some future recommendations! It’s the perfect occasion to spread some book love, but also save some money on new books. Plus, seeing other kids bring in books that they love could encourage your kids to read more.

Now you have all the ideas you need to celebrate World Book Day today! You don't have to miss out on showing off all those beautiful costumes you've picked out. Make the day all about the magic that books bring into our lives. We wish you the happiest World Book Day and many enjoyable happy ever afters. Don't forget to read something you love today!