Tips and Tricks

Heading back to work after lockdown

With the world slowly coming out of lockdown and life returning back to normal you are probably wondering how on earth you can get yourself back into the routine of a working week. Follow our tips below to make that first week back feel slightly easier.

Clean your wardrobe

The best place to start is with your clothes. If you feel confident in what you are wearing, this will automatically put you in a good mood for the rest of your day. Start by taking all your work clothes out of your wardrobe and trying everything on. Make two piles, one to keep and one to go. Remember to get rid of anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, that no longer fits or that you simply do not like. With the items you do decide to keep, wash, iron and put them straight back into your wardrobe ready for your first week back.


work clothes

Once you know what day you will be heading back into work, it is important that you plan and check your route. With many public transport links offering a reduced service, it may be worth checking if you need to set off a little bit early as no one likes to be late - especially on the first day.

Sleep cycle

We understand that throughout lockdown it’s been hard to say no to those afternoon naps and late nights. However, you might have found this has messed with your body clock slightly. Instead of shocking your body into waking up earlier all at once, try going to bed and waking up an hour earlier than you currently are over a period of a few days. This will ease your body back into it is normal routine and stop you from being in shock when your first hear the alarm going off again.

Close-up of Pink Table Alarm Clock on White Background

Meal Plan

We all know how easy it is to say you will just get lunch at work when you’re in a rush and heading out the door, but how expensive and good for you is that lunch? We suggest making a meal plan every weekend for what you want to eat the following week at work. By planning your meals ahead of time, not only will it save you money in the long run but it will stop you from eating unhealthy snacks and spending money unnecessarily.