Fuel Poverty


If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, you can contact us to discuss a payment plan.

We can assist you in finding a more convenient repayment plan that works for you. We will review your account and discuss a suitable payment plan in order to allow you to pay your debts off in instalments.

Your payment plan will include making payments towards your debts alongside your current usage.

We will consider how much you can afford to pay, as well as how much energy you will use in the future. This can be estimated, if we do not have an up-to-date meter reading.  We actively encourage regular meter readings to ensure your account and your usage is kept up to date, allowing us to ensure you are only paying for the energy you use.

If you feel that the payment plan that has been recommended is not something you will be able to afford, we encourage you to get back in touch with us ASAP to further discuss your options.

We may also be able to help you to identify ways to cut down on your gas and electric use to help you to reduce your bills.

If you are on benefits, you may find that the government's Fuel Direct scheme works best for you.