Friendly credit / Emergency credit

Friendly Credit

We know that topping up at certain times can be difficult or inconvenient, so we offer Friendly Credit during evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

Mon-Thurs: 7.30pm - 12pm

-From 7.30 pm (Friday) till 12pm (Monday), including Bank Holidays

**For Friendly Credit to activate you must ensure that your meters are in positive credit or emergency credit before 7.30pm, if you run down all positive or emergency credit before this time your Friendly Credit will not activate.

After 7.30pm, if you are in positive credit, once this runs down the Friendly Credit will activate. Similarly after 7.30pm, if you are in emergency credit, once this runs down the Friendly Credit will activate.. **

When you next top-up, please be aware that all friendly credit and emergency credit will be deducted from the payment.

Emergency Credit

Your prepayment meter features an emergency credit facility. This will provide you with a certain amount of extra credit once any other credit that you have bought for the meter has been used.

We recommend that this is only used as a last resort where you are temporarily unable to buy credit for whatever reason.

If you use all the emergency credit and don’t buy more credit, the prepayment meter will self-disconnect which means that you won’t be supplied with energy until you buy more credit. To reconnect your supply, you’ll need to buy enough credit to cover the amount of the emergency credit used plus at least £1.

Please note that the prepayment meter will continue to take payment for the standing charge and any outstanding debt which you’re currently repaying to us while it’s running on emergency credit.