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Prepayment Key/Card

Call our customer services line 03300 414 902 to request a replacement.
Gas cards are sent out via 1st class post to your home on the day of the request.
Electric keys can be sent via 1st class post to your home or you can pick up a new key from one of our local stockists within an hour of your request. Our customer service advisor will inform you of the stockist in your area.

If you are a smart meter customer, you can request a replacement here

Continue to top up as usual with your current key and/or card until you receive your Nabuh key and/or card. On receipt of the new key and/or card ensure all current credit is run down to Zero before inserting your Nabuh key and/or card to register it, if you insert the card before the credit is at Zero any current credit will be lost. Once the key and/or card is registered top up at your local place of vend as you did before.

You will receive your key and/or card between 5-7 working days after your go-live date. If you have not received your key/card please call customer services 03300 414 902.

For pre-payment meters your Key is for Electricity and Card is for Gas.
If you are receiving both Gas and Electricity from us at Nabuh, our key/cards don’t always arrive on the same day. If you have been waiting a couple of days and have only received one, please get in touch with our customer service team at 0330 0414 902.

Before using your card for the first time, you’ll need to activate your key card.
Activating your Card:
Insert your key or card into the meter for a minimum of 60 seconds to activate it.
Visit your local PayPoint outlet or Post Office and top up your key or card.
Finally, insert your key or card into your meter. The credit will transfer automatically.
Repeat this process each time you wish to top up.

You can top up at any PayPoint or Payzone outlet, or at the Post Office.



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