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In-Home Display

Your energy supplier is responsible for helping you understand how to use your in-home display, and instructions on how to use the in-home display will be shared with you during your installation or sent to you. If you encounter any problems with your in-home display and would like further advice, you should contact your supplier directly.

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Yes. It can take a short while to update though, so please wait 24 hours before checking it.
Your smart meter continues to work, even if your in-home display is turned off. Your display holds up to 13 months of data in its memory, so you’ll still be able to see how much energy you’ve used.

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The cost shown on your in-home display should reflect your energy consumption and be reconcilable with your bill. It will include standing charges and VAT, although it may not show any discounts or ad hoc charges.

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Contact us immediately.

If you’ve had the in-home display for less than 12 months, and the display has broken or is no longer working as it should due to no fault of your own, we can replace it free of charge. Unfortunately if you have had your smart meter for over 12 months we are unable to provide replacement IHD’s.

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If you didn’t want an in-home display but have changed your mind, you’re still entitled to receive one at no extra cost up to 12 months after your smart meter installation date. Just contact your energy supplier and they will provide one.
If you’ve had your smart meter for longer than 12 months we are no longer able to provide them.

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No, it won’t work. If you’re moving home, please leave your in-home display at your property so the new householder can benefit from using it.

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Your In-Home Display differs from your smart meter.

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