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Your switch to Nabuh Energy will take place automatically and will be completed on 29th July 2019. Once this switch process is complete, you’ll be free to stay with us or switch to another supplier with no exit fees. We will send you an email once your switch over is complete, so please keep eye out or check your ‘junk’ inbox if you haven’t received anything after this date.

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Avid Energy has decided to exit the market and will, therefore, cease to continue being an energy supplier. As a result, they selected us to continue supplying energy to their customers due to a combination of our low prices and excellent customer service. We are delighted to confirm you will be moving to a cheaper tariff which will be saving you money.

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If you currently have credit on your meter, this will remain the same after the switch over to us. If you don’t have a smart meter, and you are a prepayment customer, please ensure you use any credit you have on your meter before replacing your key.

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If you have a smart meter you will be able to use your existing Avid Energy cards to top up as normal after the switch. You may find that your usual 20-digit number is now 60 digits.  This is nothing to worry about and will only happen once.  Enter the 60-digit number and  

If you have a Prepayment meter, we will send you new keys & cards to enable you to top up.

It is important you do not use these before 29th July and only start to use this after you have finished the credit you have on your meter.

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Contact us on 0114 4409 987 or via email at Avid Energy will continue to provide service until 29th July 2019.

Should you need independent advice, you can contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau freephone consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133 or visit their website at

 If you have a gas emergency please call 0800 111999 and, for electricity emergencies, please call 105.

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We are an established and growing energy supplier based in Sheffield, seeking to offer a range of competitively priced tariffs and a high level of customer care to our customers.

Avid Energy have partnered with us to provide you with:

  • Lower Prices than your current tariff; an average saving of up to £314 per year
  • Uninterrupted service for our customers
  • 7 days per week customer service support
  • The ability to top up either at Paypoint outlets, online, via our app or via telephone
  • Lower Minimum Top Up Amounts – you can top up as little as £1 in Paypoint outlets, or £5 using the app, or via our website
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You will be switching over to a new tariff which is cheaper than the tariff you’re currently on. This tariff is also fixed for 12 months and you won’t have any price increases during this time

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Yes. Once your switch has been confirmed with us, you will be free to switch to another supplier without any exit fees. If you do try to switch before this confirmation, the switch will, unfortunately, fail as the energy industry doesn’t allow two switches to take place at the same time. It’s important to remember, the tariff you’ll be going on to with us is currently cheaper than the tariff you’ve been on with Avid Energy, so you’ll be getting a better deal.

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This £1 is a transaction fee for you to register on the App to perform a successful top-up. This is later refunded back. 

Category: Avid Customers

Any customer who is entitled to Anniversary credit with Avid Energy prior to their transfer to Nabuh Energy will receive their credit, unfortunately, those who are eligible for anniversary credit after their transfer will not receive any extra credit.

Those on a monthly anniversary credit with Avid Energy will cease to receive it once they switchover, as the savings on their Nabuh Energy tariff will be greater than the credit they will have been receiving.

Category: Avid Customers



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