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The Warm Home Discount is a government-run scheme which currently we do not support, however, will be something we will support in the future.

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You’re protected by strict regulations against your energy supplier switching off or disconnecting your gas or electricity supply. This protection remains as strong with smart meters as it is with traditional meters.

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If ‘Error A3’ appears on your electric meter, this means you have taken your card out too quickly. This may not register your top up, therefore you will need to try again. If this problem persists please call our customer service team at 0330 0414 902.

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How to guides

We know that it can be confusing and often scary when you have different codes showing on your meters. That is why we have compiled a full list of codes that could possibly be shown on your meter and the explanation of what these are.

Please only access your meter if it is safe to do so.

The large blue button lets you move through the meter’s different screens.

Electricity meter

There are usually two different types of displays on electricity prepayment meters. Some of them show a letter to identify which screen you’re looking at, while the others show a description of the screen to help you find the information you need.

If you continue to press the Blue button, the screen will change to show the following:

Display A – Current credit / debt
Display B – Test display only
Display C – Time & rate in use
Display D – Date & rate in use
Display E – Total credit accepted to your meter
Display F – Standing charge and debt collection
Display G – Total units used
Display H – Total units used on rate 1 (Normal on Economy 7 meters (E7)
Display I – Price per unit on rate 1 (Normal on E7 meter)
Display J – Total units used on rate 2 (Low on E7 meter)
Display K – Price per unit on rate 2
Display R – Your emergency credit (you’ll need to have inserted your key or card to see this).
Display S – Any debt you owe us (you’ll need to have inserted your key or card to see this).
Display T – Your debt charge per week (you’ll need to have inserted your key or card to see this).

What do the different displays on my gas prepayment meter mean?

0 Most recent amount of credit transferred to your meter
1 Last amount taken for debt
2 Last amount taken for emergency credit
3 Last amount given for Gas supply (screens “01 to 03” will total screen “00”)
4 Time
5 Tariff 0
6 Tariff 1
7 Tariff 2
8 Tariff 3
9 Tariff 4
10 Tariff 5
11 N1
12 N2 (number of KWH’s used each day)
13 N3
14 N4
15 N5
16 Calorific Value
17 Standing Charge – Charge made to gas customer for emergency services and so on
18 Weekly Budget Rate
19 Volumetric Rate
20 Billing Cycle – Period of time in days from one statement to the next
21 Emergency Credit Available – When credit drops to this level, you will be offered emergency credit
22 Emergency Credit – Current amount offered when you choose to use emergency credit
23 Gas Allocation Rate – Percentage of credit you are guaranteed to be able to use when you transfer credit to the meter and you have a debt to pay off

If you do require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 0330 0414 902 or

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You can submit reading online via your online account, visit here to submit quickly or you can call our customer service team on 03300 414 902, or via email to

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In-Home Display

Your energy supplier is responsible for helping you understand how to use your in-home display, and instructions on how to use the in-home display will be shared with you during your installation or sent to you. If you encounter any problems with your in-home display and would like further advice, you should contact your supplier directly.

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Contact your energy supplier. If you’ve had the in-home display for less than 12 months, and the display has broken or is no longer working as it should, your supplier will replace it free of charge. After that time you will be required to pay £39.99 for a replacement.

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Yes. It can take a short while to update though, so please wait 24 hours before checking it.
Your smart meter continues to work, even if your in-home display is turned off. Your display holds up to 13 months of data in its memory, so you’ll still be able to see how much energy you’ve used.

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No, it won’t work. If you’re moving home, please leave your in-home display at your property so the new householder can benefit from using it.

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If you didn’t want an in-home display but have changed your mind, you’re still entitled to receive one at no extra cost up to 12 months after your smart meter installation date. Just contact your energy supplier and they will provide one.
If you’ve had your smart meter for longer than 12 months, ask your supplier. You will be required to pay £39.99 for it.

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The cost shown on your in-home display should reflect your energy consumption and be reconcilable with your bill. It will include standing charges and VAT, although it may not show any discounts or ad hoc charges.

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Prepayment Key/Card

You can top up at any PayPoint, Payzone outlet or at The Post Office.
To find your nearest place to top up check online

For pre-payment meters your Key is for Electricity and Card is for Gas.
If you are receiving both Gas and Electricity from us at Nabuh, our key/cards don’t always arrive on the same day. If you have been waiting a couple of days and have only received one, please get in touch with our customer service team at 0330 0414 902.

You will receive your key and/or card between 5-7 working days after your go-live date. If you have not received your key/card please call customer services 03300 414 902.

Continue to top up as usual with your current key and/or card until you receive your Nabuh key and/or card. On receipt of the new key and/or card ensure all current credit is run down to Zero before inserting your Nabuh key and/or card to register it, if you insert the card before the credit is at Zero any current credit will be lost. Once the key and/or card is registered top up at your local place of vend as you did before.

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