Can I get the “Warm Home Discount” on my supply?
Warm Home Discount – Answer:

The Warm Home Discount is a government run scheme which currently we do not support, however will be something we will support in the future.


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Meter Error Message

‘Error A3’ – What does this mean?

If ‘Error A3’ appears on your electric meter, this means you have taken your card out too quickly. This may not register your top up, therefore you will need to try again. If this problem persists please call our customer service team at 0330 0414 902.

What does ‘Card Error 35’ mean on my meter?

This isn’t anything to worry about, this can sometimes be dust or something else obstructing the meter from registering the chip. Take out your key or card from the meter, and wipe the chip. Put your key or card back into the meter and try again. If the problem consists contact our customer service team at 0330 0414 902.

Meter Readings

Do I need to submit a meter reading?

We advise customers to provide us with an opening meter reading on the start supply date, we also ask that you provide us with a regular monthly reading so that we can ensure you never pay to much or too little for your gas and/or electric.

How do I submit a meter reading?

You can submit reading online via your online account, you can call our customer service team on 03300 414 902, or via email to customerservice@nabuhenergy.co.uk


Does Nabuh Energy support Smart Meters?

Not currently, however this is something which we will be able to support in the New Year.

I am off supply, what do I do?

Call our customer services line 03300 414 902, we will investigate the problem with you and ensure you are back on supply as soon as possible.

The most likely reasons are

  1. There is an issue with the meter, in these circumstances we will arrange for an engineer to attend your home within 3 hours from the time of your call to fix or replace the meter.
  2. The meter has run out of credit, in which case you would need to top up. Usually in these circumstances, you will have also used up your emergency credit. Therefore, when topping up you will need to credit the meter with your usual amount e.g. £10 plus an additional £5 to reimburse the emergency credit used.
My meter is using credit much quicker than usual. Why?

There are number of reasons why your meter may be using credit quicker than usual.

  1. There is a debt in the meter.

To check your electric meter for debt, insert the key press the button until you get to screen ‘S’ or ‘8’. These will show you the amount you owe.

For gas debt, insert your card press the button until you get to Screen 27, this shows you the amount to be repaid.

  1. You have entered your emergency credit. In case of an emergency where you have been unable to top up, all meters have £5 emergency credit. This credit runs down much quicker than credit that you have purchased. You will need to top up your meter ensuring you also cover the cost of the amount of emergency credit you have used.
There is a debt on my meter, how do I remove it?

If you have incurred the debt you will need to top up an amount to cover the outstanding debt + an amount of credit suitable to support your weekly/monthly usage. For example, if the debt amount is £30.00 and you normally top up £10 per week, the total top up would need to be £40 to extinguish the debt and ensure your meter has sufficient credit for that upcoming week.

Debt is typically accumulated as a result of unpaid standing charges. Regardless of whether you use any gas or electricity, your meter incurs a charge daily usually of around 25p per day. If you have not credited your meter for a while this daily charge will not have been paid, thus the build-up of debt.

If the debt on the meter is a historical debt from a previous tenant, you will need to call our customer services team on 03300 414 902, so that arrangements can be made to have that debt removed. You will need to provide our team with proof of the date you moved into the property and also photographic evidence of the outstanding debt on the meter.

How do I register my online account?

You will be sent an email giving you the link to register for an online account on email when you first sign up with Nabuh Energy.

If you have not received the email, or cannot find it, please contact our customer service team, who will resend the email out to you: customerservice@nabuhenergy.co.uk or 03300 414 902.


I have received a notification from Nabuh Energy that I am leaving/have cancelled my account. However, I have not asked to cancel my supply nor have I agreed to switch to another supplier what do I do next?

At Nabuh Energy, we would never cancel a customer’s account without their instruction either via phone call or email. Therefore, if you have received communication from us regarding your wish to leave, this may be because another member of the household has entered into an agreement with a different provider, or an alternative provider is trying to take over your supply in error.

If you do not wish to leave, contact our customer service team on 03300 414 902 so that we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure you remain with Nabuh.

I want to reset my password.

Click on this link. Type your email address in the specified field, and click ‘Send Reset Email’. You will receive an email giving you further details on resetting your password.

I would like to leave Nabuh Energy, what do I need to do?

If you are within your 14 day cooling off period, (14 consecutive calendar days from the date that you agreed to switch, NOT 14 working days) you must call our customer service team and notify them of your wish to cancel.

If you are outside the 14 day cooling off period, After agreeing to our terms and conditions, all customers are required to stay with us for a minimum of 28 days from your initial start date. Once the 28 days is over you will then be able to contact a new energy company to begin the switch of your supply.


Direct debit customers, cancelling your direct debit mandate will not be accepted as notification of your wish to cancel your switch. You must call the customer services team and instruct them accordingly.

Pre-payment Key or Cards

How do I top up for the first time?

Before using your card for the first time, you’ll need to activate your key card.

Activating your Card:

  1. Insert your key or card into the meter for a minimum of 60 seconds to activate it.
  2. Visit your local PayPoint, PayZone outlet or Post Office and top up your key or card.
  3. Finally, insert your key or card into your meter. The credit will transfer automatically.
  4. Repeat this process each time you wish to top up.
I have lost my key/card, what do I do?

Call our customer services line 03300 414 902 to request a replacement.

Gas cards are sent out via 1st class post to your home on the day of the request.

Electric keys can be sent via 1st class post to your home or you can pick up a new key from one of our local stockist within an hour of your request. Our customer service advisor will inform you of the stockist in your area.

I have switched but have not received my key and/or card yet, how do I top up?

Continue to top up as usual with your current key and/or card until you receive your Nabuh key and/or card. On receipt of the new key and/or card ensure all current credit is run down to Zero before inserting your Nabuh key and/or card to register it, if you insert the card before the credit is at Zero any current credit will be lost. Once the key and/or card is registered top up at your local place of vend as you did before.

I have switched when will I receive my key and/or card?

You will receive your key and/or card either the day before, after or on the date your supply goes live. If you have not received your key/card please call customer services 03300 414 902.

I have switched, but I have only received one key/card?

For pre-payment meters your Key is for Electricity and Card is for Gas.

If you are receiving both Gas and Electricity from us at Nabuh, our key/cards don’t always arrive on the same day. If you have been waiting a couple of days and have only received one, please get in touch with our customer service team at 0330 0414 902.

Where can I Top Up my Pre-payment Card?

You can top up at any PayPoint, Payzone outlet or at The Post Office.

Look out for these logos:

paypoint logo payzone logo post office logo

To find your nearest place to top up check online
at paypoint.co.uk – payzone.co.uk – postoffice.co.uk

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