Tips and Tricks

Enjoy spring from home

It’s officially spring time here in the UK normally we’d fill this time going on family days out, walks in the countryside or even meet up with friends but what can we do to keep us occupied while still enjoying spring whilst practising social distancing? Below we’ve put together a list of things to keep us all busy during this time.


We are still able to enjoy our gardens and typically spring has always been known as the best time of the year to start on your garden.  Take advantage of being at home and use this time to get ahead whether you need to cut your grass, deadhead old flowers, rearrange your layout or even plant some seeds. Getting outside will not only help improve your mood but it will also get some important vitamin D into your body.

Lawn mower

Spring cleaning

There’s no better time to clear out the unnecessary items that you have piled up around your house. By taking a room a day and sorting through all the areas within it you’ll not only declutter your space but more than likely find those missing items you once lost. Once you have completed your spring clean you can then decide if you would like to donate your unwanted items to charity or sell for some extra money in your pocket.

New Recipes

How many times have you told yourself you are going to start eating better or cook more? There’s no time like the present to pull those cookbooks back out of the back of the cupboard and start getting creative in the kitchen. You may just come across your new favourite meal while filling your freezer up at the same time.

home pasta