Energy Efficiency Tips

We know that every penny matters.  That is why we always try to provide you with energy saving tips that will keep your energy usage low and keep the pennies in your pocket!

Nabuh Energy – Energy Saving Tips


Simple Tips.

Sometimes, making small changes is all it takes to help save you money and energy, it all adds up;

  • Keep your radiators clear – When you cover your radiators with damp clothes or block them with furniture, the heat can’t circulate as efficiently as it should around the room leaving you with cold spots around the house
  • Close your curtains – Winter is here! That means colder and darker nights. By ensuring your windows and curtains are closed prevents heat from escaping the room through the glass in your windows.
  • Turn it off – The only things that need to be left on when you are asleep are the fridge/freezer and maybe your media box if you’re recording programs. Everything else can be turned off if it’s not being used. Things such as tv’s, games consoles, phone charges etc all consume energy whilst in stand-by mode.
  • Have a shower – Showers use less hot water than a bath which ultimately saves you money. If a bath is the only option, it is worth only filling it with the amount of water you need.
  • Lights – If the room is empty, turn the lights off, they’re designed to be turned on and off, so if they’re off they aren’t costing you anything!
  • Upgrade your bulbs – Modern light bulbs are more efficient than traditional bulbs and last longer, they might be more expensive initially, but will save you more money in the long run.
  • Draughts – By using draught excluders around doors and letterboxes and even covering up your key holes you’ll save money keeping the heat in your home. For additional costs you could insulate your loft or look at cavity wall insulation.
energy saving - save money
  • The fridge/freezer – Make sure the back of the unit isn’t covered (including heavy dust) as this makes it work harder and costs more money. Also, if you have hot food left over, make sure it cools down first before putting it into the fridge – the additional heat of the food will cause the temperature to rise and the fridge needs to work harder again to bring down the temperature – we recommend a fridge temperature of 4⁰ and 18⁰ for a freezer
  • Cooking appliances – Put a lid on the pan and only use the amount of water needed to boil. By doing to, the pan heats up quicker and cooks faster. Also, consider boiling the kettle and using that water as a kettle is more efficient for boiling water than the hob. If toasting, use the toaster not the grill.
  • Laundry – Use washing machine programs with a lower temperature, most modern detergents work better at a lower temperature which means they save you money from having to heat the water. If it’s a breezy and/or warm day putting the damp clothes on the washing line saves from using the tumble dryer which is a huge energy user.
  • New appliances – Before you buy, check out the energy rating of the product, the higher the rating the bigger the energy savings over the life of the product.

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For independent advice and further details on the changes you can make visit the Energy Saving Trust -

Alternatively you can visit the Government website at BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) here -

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