Economy 7

What is Economy 7?

Economy 7 tariffs give cheaper rates in the night and pricier ones in the day. They're intended mainly for people with storage heaters, which draw electricity in the evening or night-time, then release their heat in the day when needed.

The cheaper, off-peak rate on average runs from 11pm to 7am, however this can differ dependant on where you live (see our blog on Economy off peak hours for more information).  The most expensive rate is throughout the daytime which covers the rest of the day.

Economy 7 is often called a 'time-of-use' tariff, as what you pay depends on when you use electricity.

We don’t really advertise these tariffs as it is often found that many people are still on Economy 7 when it's not right for them. Daytime rates are often higher than we would like, and you can find yourself paying more than you could be.  If you think this is you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team to discuss your options.

Economy 7 is all about the price of the units and when you use them.