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Submit your Meter readings online in a quick and secure way.

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Meter Readings

We ask for Meter readings to ensure that you are paying the correct amount for the energy you use.  We will ask for readings at various points of the year to ensure you are on a tariff that suits your energy usage needs.

We ask for you to provide us a Meter Reading when you first join us.  This is to ensure that you are paying for what you use rather than us having to estimate your usage – We do it all for your benefit!

If you are paying by Direct Debit, we will adjust the amount to cover what we feel you will use, we do this to ensure that you do not fall into debt with ourselves, providing your Meter Readings will ensure that your Direct Debit payments are relevant to the amount of energy you use, no more, no less

We recommend you provide us with a Meter Reading at least every couple of months, however, you are in total control and if you wish to provide one every month, then you can do that too!  Just don’t leave it too long, or you may find that your usage will be estimated, and you may be paying too much.  We will always try and get in touch with you when it is time to send in a Meter Reading though – which is why it is also very important to ensure that we have the correct contact information for you!

Of course, Smart Meters are a fantastic bit of kit that automatically send your Meter Readings to use and will stop us estimating your usage, However, not everything is always 100%, so we usually like to check.  It’s always important to know that when you switch to us, we may not be able to communicate with your Smart Meter, so you still may have to send your Meter Readings to us manually.  This is because some of the earlier Smart Meters are set to work only with the company that supplied them.  Smart Meters are also not able to be installed in all houses, sometimes, dependant on where the meters are in the house, it becomes difficult to have Smart Meters installed.

Never fear! We do know that some of this can be overwhelming.  We do have answers to your questions and would love to hear from you