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Celebrate Earth Day With Energy Saving Challenges

They say there's no place like home - and the Earth is currently our only home. So, today we celebrate the annual Earth Day! Every year, the whole world gets involved in activities, events and raising awareness of issues that affect our planet. All around the globe, We show support for Earth Day through not only organising ways for improving the environment, but also to give back to our planet and give it appreciation for being the most wonderful home. At Nabuh Energy, we couldn't miss out on getting involved in celebrating Earth Day.

However, we thought we'd put a little Energy spin on it. We've come up with a few Energy Saving eco-activities you could do today to show environmental support for the planet. 

This year, the day falls on Sunday, which makes it the perfect opportunity to get your friends and family involved! Check out our favourite Energy themed activities to try for Earth Day 2018.

Earth Day Nabuh Energy

Energy Saving Challenges To Try This Earth Day

Energy - Free Day

How easily could you live without any Energy at all? The idea seems straight forward, until you have a think and actually realise just how dependant we are on Energy in our lives. Did you ever wonder how did people function everyday without constant access to gas and electricity? This could be a really fun challenge to try with the whole house - it could be your partner, your friends or even the kids! It could be a learning experience for you to find out alternative ways to things you do everyday. 

Earth Day Nabuh Energy

Energy - Free Kitchen

This could be an easier challenge if you think using no Energy at all is pushing your abilities. How about skipping Energy use in the kitchen for today? Not only it would help you save some Energy for Earth Day, but it's also a chance to try out some new culinary experiences. You get to get creative and then eat something different than you normally would. And the possibilities are endless, so you're not limited in your options. Start breakfast off with some cereal, yoghurt or fruit salad and go from there!

Earth Day Salad Nabuh Energy

Earth Day Switch Off

A very easy and fun way to save Energy today would be to switch off all your entertainment devices and find alternative activities for the day. This could be a little hard for those addicted to their phone or video game, but it is a challenge after all! And one day is not going to hurt. This could be a great chance to spend time together in a different way, so get creative and socialise a little differently today. A family film night could turn into a board game evening - but don't stop there! You could this into a competition of who can think of the most fun idea for an activity, and the winner gets their phone back (as motivation of course!).

black-21166_1280Remote Earth Day Nabuh Energy

Half Your Energy Use

Do you normally take a 10 minute shower? Try 5 minutes today! If your heating is usually on for four hours, you could drop it down to two - especially if the heatwave sticks around! Think about everything you will do today that uses up Energy and cut the time of use in half. Not only you can have a fun Earth Day challenge but you might find that some things are easier than you thought! You never know, 5 minute showers could become your new everyday routine. Don't forget that charging your phone counts too - do you reckon you could last on 50%? 

Time Nabuh Energy Earth Day

Do you have any other ideas for Energy efficient challenges for this Earth Day? If you think a full day is too difficult you can always try it for an evening.. but if you think it's too easy, try it for a full week! Why save today, when you can save all year?

This is why we're always coming up with the best ways to help you reduce your Energy use everyday. Hope you smash these challenges, and we'll be trying them too - so you're not alone. Good luck and happy Earth Day from the whole team at Nabuh Energy!