Help Us to Help You

Nabuh Energy aims to provide a high standard of customer service to all its customers.  We’ll do our best to resolve any complaints we receive in a fair and transparent manner and are committed to applying these principles to all contact that we have with our customers.

If you’re unhappy, please contact our customer care team and we’ll do all we can to help, our aim being to give you a solution the first time you contact us where this is possible.  We’ll also try to give you a named contact so that they can help you in resolving any issues that you may have.


How to Make a Complaint

Please contact our customer care team if you wish to make a complaint.  You can do this yourself or ask for someone to contact us on your behalf.  Complaints can be made by phone, email or by written letter.

It will help us to resolve your complaint more quickly if you can give us your account number when you first contact us.  You can find your account number in your welcome letter or any bills or statements of account that we’ve sent you.  We’ll keep a written record of your complaint and all the details that you’ve given us about that complaint as well as any agreement that we’ve reached with you to try and resolve this.

If we can’t resolve your complaint when you first contact us, we’ll communicate with you regularly so that you are kept up to date with our progress in doing so.


Contact Details

By Telephone: 0330 0414 902 – Our opening hours are: 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays & Sundays.

By Email:

By Post: Customer Services Manager, Nabuh Energy, PO BOX 5862, Sheffield, S2 9FS



If we haven’t resolved your complaint to your satisfaction you can ask to talk about the complaint with a manager.

If you’d prefer to communicate with the manager in writing, please send a letter to the postal address given above.  Please quote your account number in all correspondence with us.

We’ll aim to respond to you within one working day of receiving your communication with a written reply explaining how we’ll try to resolve your complaint.  Where appropriate, this may also include a goodwill gesture if you’ve been negatively affected by anything we have done or have failed to do.

If you’re unhappy with how we’ve handled your complaint you can ask at any time for us to carry out an internal review of this.  A manager will contact you as soon as possible to ask you some questions and get additional information for that review from you.


If You’re Still Unhappy

If you’re not satisfied with the response we’ve given you and we’ve told you that we don’t believe there’s anything further that we can do to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you can ask that we give you a deadlock letter.  This is written confirmation from us that we’ve been unable to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction despite our best efforts to do so.  Once we’ve agreed to give you a deadlock letter you can then refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman.

The Energy Ombudsman is an independent service provided at no cost to you which resolves customer complaints in an impartial manner.  Once a complaint has been referred to the Energy Ombudsman it will then investigate the issue in partnership with both you and us.  You are not bound by any ruling that the Energy Ombudsman may issue and you can seek further advice if you wish to do so.

You can also refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman whether or not we’ve given you a deadlock letter if we’ve been unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within eight weeks of the date on which you first made the complaint to us.

The Energy Ombudsman can issue a decision which is binding on us requiring us to give you an apology or an explanation or a service or action that benefits you and possibly to pay you compensation.

We’ll co-operate with both the Energy Ombudsman and Citizens Advice if you wish to involve them in seeking a resolution to your complaint.


Independent Advice

Citizens Advice – Energy

The Citizens Advice Energy service gives free, confidential and impartial advice on any issues you may have in relation to your energy supply.  Visit their website:

You can also find further information regarding your rights here.


Energy Ombudsman

If you don’t feel that we’ve resolved your complaint to your satisfaction and eight weeks have passed since the date you originally made the complaint to us or if we’ve told you that there is nothing further that we can do to resolve the complaint and have given you a deadlock letter, you can refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman.


This can be done using the contact details shown below.

By phone: 0330 440 1624

Ombudsman Services: Energy

PO Box 966

Warrington, WA4 9DF


Complaints Performance

We publish our annual complaints performance here:

If you wish to receive a hard copy of our complaints handling procedure or our complaints performance report, please get in touch with our Customer Service team.